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Dec 30, 2008 12:10 PM

good greek in southern westchester?

where can i go for a solid greek restaurant from new rochelle to greenwhich?

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  1. Sorry mark but I haven't found one. The only two in Westchester I know of and have tried are Niko's in WP and Santorini in Sleepy Hollow. The former has some dishes to recommend it but a lot of problems too and the latter was great at first but has slipped imo and others here very dramatically.

    I don't even know of a Greek restaurant between NR and Greenwich. Lately we just head to Queens to Greek Islands on Northern Blvd. in Flushing. It's about 30 mins. just over the ThrogsNeck Bridge and worth it.

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      I have a feeling I am swimming against the CH tide on this, but I like Niko's quite a bit -- I find the food well-prepared, and the atmosphere to be very pleasant. Is it Flushing? Nope. But in the context of Westchester (and I am all for judging things in context), I think it is a nice place to go.

      1. re: VFresser

        I sometimes find Niko's unbearably noisy, but our food and service experiences have been mostly very good. All restaurants do certain dishes better (or more to one's taste) than others, so your own individual experience can depend on what you order. Some restaurants, of course, just do not do anything much right, but I don't think Niko's is one of those.