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Dec 30, 2008 11:48 AM

Pulled Pork in Crockpot with a roast AND left over pork loin?

I'm doing a pulled pork (shoulder or butt) in the crockpot for sandwiches but also have leftover pork loins that were already cooked, cut and put in the freezer. Think I can just add these 1/2 way through my process with the roast? like maybe just 4 hrs on low. I do hate to waste such a good cut on this but I would rather use it up then look at it every time I open the freezer.

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  1. Because it doesn't have as much fat in it, the loin will take much longer to break down and will require some intervention on your part. I just used a pork loin roast for carnitas and it wasn't as good as pork shoulder because of the lack of fat, but it definitely wasn't bad. What about adding the pieces of pork to a soup, quiche, or braised greens dish?

    1. I wouldn't cook pork loins for the first time in a crockpot because it doesn't have enough fat/connective tissues and would get tough so I can't imagine recooking it for 4 hours, even on low.

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        I agree recooking these in a crock pot might make them shoe leather. I love the idea of throwing them in with some greens or soup. You might also use them in am omelet.

      2. Thanks all,

        I think I will just pick up another roast (this one is small) for the pulled pork and save the loin leftovers for a great soup or other dish.