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Dec 30, 2008 11:45 AM

6 nights in South Beach

What are the best places for dinner? Budget is no issue, however I'll go food over scene, but preffer if both come together! Anything goes really as long as it is relatively close to SB...


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  1. Scarpetta
    Prime 112 / Prime Italian
    Casa Tua
    Meat Market

    1. I'd highly recommend this place:
      It was so awesome, we went twice. :) It's in Miami, but well worth the little cab ride -

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      1. re: nummanumma

        Scarpetta rubbbed me (and the other diners I went with) the wrong way. Our server was a real novice---even forgetting to ask us if we wanted drinks. Immediately after sitting down and barely reading the menu, he aksed for our dinner orders. None of us loved the food and when the bill came---there was a $4.00 supplementary charge for each cocktail containing premium liquor-- such as grey goose! With one bottle of wine and tip, we spent $440. As a local, I would not rush back. I dined at Scarpetta in NYC and had a much better experience however.....

        1. re: Debbie

          Was the menu similar to the NYC restaurant and how did the food compare. Scarpetta was very high on my to do list and Debbie is a trusted source for me. Debbie, what is the vibe like there? Fun, SoBe, Vegas mode or on the low key romantic tip? Did you check out Portale's place?

          1. re: ynot

            Thanks CF, I trust and look forward to reading your opinions too! I took a second look at the menu at Scarpetta NYC. While I think that it is similar to the menu at Scarpetta in Miami, I'm not certain that it is identical. Although I really liked the food in NYC, I just didn't feel the same way about the restaurant in Miami. Everything was ok but nothing would draw me back. The unprofessional service didn't help either. As far as the vibe goes----in NYC, the space is sort of urban casual. It is a narrow room with a feeling that is typical of the Meatpacking area. The atmosphere at Scarpetta in the Fountainbleau is more upscale and a bit more formal. The bar caught my eye and was quite pretty. But I wouldn't say that the vibe there is SoBe-like or fun or even Vegas-like. In fact, one of the people with whom I dined thought it reminded him of the restaurant at the Yacht Club Hotel in Disney World! It is done in lots of dark browns with floor to ceiling brown columns. The decor is more nautical than romantic imo..... While I really don't relish the idea of giving a new restaurant in the area a less than stellar review, I thought I should share my honest opinion with the original poster. I did peek into Gotham Steak and it looked very nice. But I have read some so-so reviews on that one too so I have not tried it yet. If I was coming to South Beach with no budget and seeking food over decor, I'd go with Osteria del Teatro, Nemo, Talula, Prime 112 (but be forewarned about the "scene"), Sardinia---- or I would hop in a taxi and head to Michael's Genuine...

            1. re: Debbie

              mediocre overpriced Italian food in a nautical setting inside a mega hotel.. SOLD

        2. Michy's
          MIchael's Genuine (Terrific overall experience/food)
          Pascal's on Ponce (Overall excellence)
          Ortanique (Excellent "Floribbean")
          Sardinia (One of the very best spots)
          Francesco's (Excellent Peruvian)
          Prime 112 (Great steak)
          Dining Room at Setail (Extremely Pricy!)
          Alta Mar
          Il Gabbiano