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Dec 30, 2008 11:03 AM

Restaurant Wedding in Minneapolis?

Hi there:

We’d like to get married somewhere nontraditional and have a reception possibly by renting out an entire restaurant. We are having a lot of people – 200-250 – and are looking for something unique. Any ideas out there? I realize we may have to find a place that is closed on Sundays (we are looking at a Sunday wedding) and of course anything with a fun patio for mingling would be awesome. I really appreciate any help or ideas!!



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  1. My first thought was Osteria I Nonni but I'm not sure they could accommodate 200+ all in the main dining room. They are closed on Sunday and have a very spacious patio (although the view is only of a pond, walking trail and some very expensive homes). It's also not in Minneapolis proper if you're being specific.

    Either way, the food would be outstanding and the atmosphere warm. Worth a call.

    1. We went to a very cool, non-traditional wedding at an old movie theater in Uptown a few years ago. (It might be 5 years already!) I don't know who did the catering, but the venue was very unique and fun. Don't know the name or exact location...sorry.

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        If it was a unique theater in Uptown, it was probably the Suburban Theater. Although they always seem to be closed and then under new management.

        We had our reception at Nye's, which is certainly unique, but 100 people is about the max in the basement. Although when people mingle and go throughout the rest of the bar, many more could be accomodated.

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          If you're interested in an old theater, try the Varsity in Dinkytown. Catering by the Loring Pasta Bar. Solid.

          Solera has an entire floor you can rent out, although I'm not sure you could get 200-250 to squeeze in there.

      2. I've been to a Sunday wedding at Spill The Wine. The space is cool and the food is good, but not great.

        1. Loring Pasta Bar will also rent out their restaurant. I was at a wedding with about that size of a party there last year.

          1. Lurcat. And you can either rent out the cafe or bar or both...Additionally, it has two patios.