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Dec 30, 2008 10:42 AM

Business Dinner Suggestions in Raleigh, NC

I will be taking a group of six adults out for a business dinner while in Raleigh, NC. I usually like to go to places that are casual upscale, but I will take any suggestions that are true to the area. Any opinions would help narrow down my options. We will be staying in the Crabtree Valley area is that helps. Thanks!!!!!

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  1. I would take your group to The Pit in downtown Raleigh. White table cloth BBQ done very well.

    1. While some will disagree, the Angus Barn is a Raleigh institution. If you want more modern, creative fare then consider these.

      Bloomsbury Bistro
      Nanas (durham)
      Magnolia Grill (durham)

      1. I agree with the Pit suggestion, unless you know you have vegetarians. The Pit is definitely unique to Raleigh and has local character, but also upscale and with a nice atmosphere.

        If you find you need to stay in the Crabtree area, there is Bella Monica, which is very good Italian food - but it's not the quietest, if you need to have business discussions.

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          There's also Savoy, just a straight shot up Lead Mine, as well as Coquette just off 440 on Six Forks. They're both French places that I haven't tried. If I were taking colleagues out in Raleigh, I'd hesitate to take them out for steak or French food. I've been to Fins, Frazier's, Nana's, and Mag Grill. They'd be quite suitable. Another idea is Second Empire in downtown Raleigh, a bit pricey in these days of economic malaise, tho...

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            I was at The Pit this weekend and noticed there was a BBQ Tofu on the menu - so not entirely out of the picture for vegetarians, but not optimal for them either.

          2. Please don't go to the Angus Barn. Sure, it is an "institution" and frankly, the food tastes like institution food. There is nothing special here at all, besides history. Also, not good for a business dinner because it is so loud in there.

            I really like 18 Seaboard which is near Peace College. It would be a straight shot up Glenwood towards downtown and then turn onto Peace St. Good locally owned place. Great upscale southern recipes and very nice atmosphere. I'd choose this long before the Pit. The Pit is good, but in the end it is just BBQ, not exactly upscale.

            1. I've taken quite a few out of town business acquaintances and personal friends to several of the places mentioned here, and we've gotten consistently good food and service at The Pit, Angus Barn, and Fins. All three are great, and AB and The Pit are especially good if you have out of towners or those not familiar with BBQ in tow.