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Dec 30, 2008 10:27 AM

ISO Canned smoked oysters that are from Canada

Seems like all the canned smoked oysters I've found in TO (clover leaf, gold seal, etc.) are packed in China lately. Has anyone seen any Canadian smoked oysters at any shops in TO?

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  1. Not in T.O., but a company in B.C. you can order directly from.

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      1. I bought some of these as a Christmas gift from the One of a Kind show and they were well received. Might be available at the Healthy Butcher.

        Oysters are second from the bottom.

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        1. re: julesrules

          Their smoked oysters are great. I also recommend the smoked scallops, which are even better.

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            I can vouch for this option as well. Picked up a bunch of their stuff at the One of a Kind show two years in a row.

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              I stock up twice a year at One Of A Kind show to save on shipping. Plus much better price than Healthy Butcher.

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              1. Try St Jean's!
       You'll never eat Chineese oysters again

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                  Thanks. I have never heard of St Jean's. I bought some smoked oysters from Costco and ate them, was satisfied, but then horrified when I noticed they came from China. I should have checked first but didn't suspect they could be Chinese. I simply won't eat anything from China (or Asia for that matter) as I simply don't trust that their growing, harvesting or processing methods are devoid of chemicals to an acceptable standard.

                  I have had asian pine-nut mouth syndrome twice now and seen enough TV documentaries about what really goes on with food growing, harvesting and processing in Asia.

                  I am going to order some of these St Jean's oysters. Yes they are more expensive but at least you know the provenance, the quality and you are buying Canadan (and thus giving jobs to Canadians and lowering our foreign account balance a bit.