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Dec 30, 2008 09:30 AM

Where to buy Sambal oelek in SF?

I am using this hot chile paste for a crab salad. Does anyone know where to buy it (no luck at Safeway or Bi-Rite) or have a brand they prefer?

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  1. You can probably find it at one of the Asian markets on Clement (New May Wah at 8th Ave has a large selection of SE Asian items) or at a Ranch 99.

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    1. Haig's has it.

      Haig's Delicacies
      642 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

      1. That's odd. I buy it at the Safeway at Lake Tahoe and also in So. Oregon. Who'd a thunk that they wouldn't have it in SF?

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          Actually they do now. They sell that Huy Fong brand at Safeway for about $3. This company is based in Rosemead, California in SoCal:

          1. Try rainbow grocery. I have been buying sambal oelek there. They are made inSF, so local product.