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Dec 30, 2008 09:24 AM

Tim Tam Biscuits

Has anyone come across these Australian delicacies anywhere in the GTA, now that Sobeys are importing them (replacing Loblaws)? Last week, I spoke to a Customer Service representative at Sobeys who said, that while they can't tell if an individual Sobeys/IGA/Price Chopper carries one of the three varieties being imported, one can ask for a store to bring one or all three in.

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  1. Is Loblaws no longer carrying them at all? I bought so many packages a while back, I haven't had an reason to check lately! Seriously, I need to know.

    1. the sobeys at queensway and parklawn carry all 3

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        Didn't realize Sobeys had started carrying Tim Tam biscuits so was pleasantly shocked to find 3 flavours (original, classic dark and chewy caramel) at the Queensway/Parklawn location just now! $3.49 each.

      2. Strangely enough, I've seen them at the Chinese supermarket just west of Beverley and Dundas called Lucky Moose(?). It's in the aisle to the left of the ramp up to the meat/fish counter and frozen foods section. I'm pretty sure I saw several flavours too.

        1. I went to the three Loblaws around my area when news first broke of TimTam stock, and none of them had any. Nor did any of the staff have any idea what I was talking about. Luckily I just got back from NZ & Australia, so I have a supply in hand. Double chocolate all the way!

          1. Thank you, Kai. I found them this afternoon at the Sobeys on Front Street. They are $3.49 a pack, and the three varietals are Original, Chewy Caramel, and Classic Dark. Hopefully, more Sobeys/IGA/Price Chopper etc. will list them.

            While Loblaws was the importer last time, a company called Concord Sales in North Vancouver is listed on the packages, and they are Product of Australia!