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Dec 30, 2008 08:54 AM

East Gate Restaurant, Calgary

It looks like East Gate has changed owners and cleaned up after being shut down by the CHR for the 2nd or 3rd time.

2 inspections with no violations.

Has anyone been there lately?

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  1. I haven't...I was scared away by all the health code violations. Good to know, though; we live nearby. Maybe we'll check it out again one of these days.

    1. I've been curious as well. How did you know they have changed owners? I've watched that site too and have been wondering if it's safe to eat there as well. So few Dim Sum places out of Chinatown.

      1. This place does not do dim sum anymore. They only do buffets. They did not change owners according to the hostess there. Frankly... it was scary there. We high tailed it out of there on Sat lunch hour. It was a ghost town.