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Dec 30, 2008 08:31 AM

2 days in Philly

Haven't been back to Philly since I graduated in 1991 and am heading there for NYE for 2 days. We are staying at the Sofitel and would love some recommendations for lunch on NYE and brunch/lunch on New Year's Day. We are happy to schlep wherever for good eats - Asian, Latin, Seafood, Italian whatever. Fancy to hole in the wall is OK. Would appreciate any suggestions - tia!!

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  1. Nothing better than a nice juicy burger and fries after a night of celebrating..check out Good Dog on 15th St!

    1. Rangoon, on 9th just north of Arch is a gem - flavorful Burmese food and wonderful people.

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        yea i've eaten a few dishes recently that make me want to run back to rangoon. a fried bean curd salad was just excellent... as was the thousand layer bread with a chickpea dip... and a dessert soup consisting of coconut milk, tapiocas and some other sweet things. i can't stop going back to the two vietnamese places in chinatown, too. and i recently went back to lee how fook which was incredibly tasty... i had the weirdest bean curd/crawfish dish here.

        i only moved here in 2005, but my friends and neighbors who grew up here tell me philly, and our neighborhood, was very different ten years ago. if you haven't been here since 1991, you might be in for a surprise! i wouldn't normally recommend honey's sit n eat (though others seem to like it), but it's one of the few things open for lunch/brunch on weekdays in northern liberties. also open are il cantuccio and the abbaye (love their beer selection; wish they had a better-quality sandwich bread!). from what i've been told, this neighborhood's transformation in the past decade has been astonishing... and we've got the restaurants to prove it! might make for an interesting walk.