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Dec 30, 2008 08:09 AM

Andersonville cheap lunch

Happy holidays! Lookin for a spot for lunch here in Andersonvllle..... we are not picky, but wold like to it keep very reasonable. We are kind of in the mood for hand cut fries. Any help?

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  1. Andie's is a great choice for "cheap". It's Middle-Eastern and has a nice range of selections for all tastes, you can easily do lunch for $10-15 a person (even less). For a step up, the Hopleaf can't be beat - but it's more like $15-$25 a person.

    1. Huey's Hot Dogs for great Chicago style dogs and fries plus I love the blue cheese burgers.
      --- 1507 W. Balmoral Ave., Chicago
      Tel: (773) 293-4800

      Sunshine Cafe for homestyle Japanese food. Not a sushi joint. I love the udon bowls.
      --- 5449 N. Clark St., Chicago
      Tel: (773) 334-6214

      Taste of Lebanon - great falfels and shawarma wraps. Beware that you will smell like oil upon leaving
      --- 1509 W. Foster Ave., Chicago
      Tel: (773) 334-1600

      Edgewater Lounge - a little bit off the Andersonville main stretch but I love the food. The menu far exceeds the typical bar food. Try the chili,. Plus the fries are hand cut.
      --- 5600 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago
      Tel: (773) 878-3343

      Andies has been on my down-hill list lately. I haven't had a good meal there the last three times I visited. We used to go at least once a month and it just seems lacking.

      Hopleaf is an excellent suggestion. However the kitchen does not open until 5 pm.

      1. M. Henry is best known for its breakfast type items (eggs, pancakes, etc) but at lunchtime they also have salads, soups, and sandwiches available. You can view their menu, with prices, on their website at

        Big Jones has "Southern coastal cuisine" including Cajun/Creole specialties as well as those from other parts of the South. They are open for brunch/lunch every day; however, their website ( ) only shows their brunch menu (with prices), not whatever variation they have for lunch during the week. I've only eaten there for brunch, but it was excellent (particularly the complimentary beignets).

        1. Hamberger Mary's is a chain, but it's fun and it has something like 70 different kinds of burgers -- including buffalo, turkey and veggie -- plus sandwiches and regular entrees. Not high dining, but good. Unfortunately I can't speak to the hand-cut fries.

          1. Reza's (Persian food) has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet on weekdays for about $10. I think on Saturdays they have the same thing but for a couple of dollars more, and there's a brunch buffet on Sundays---call them for current price. Also, for a modest Swedish lunch look at the menu in the window of Svea.