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Dec 30, 2008 07:59 AM

Mulled wine advice needed

I am considering making a mulled wine for tomorrow night's festivities. I do have a large quantity of red wine to use, however I realized last night I have some dribs and drabs of leftover wine that I don't consider too old for cooking with, just drinking. Could I mix them together with the mulling spices without it being odd?

I have:

-half a bottle of pinot noir
-about one glass worth of sherry
-most of a bottle of ruby port

It seems like this would be a great way to use these up without wasting them.

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  1. Well, with MY recipe, yes... you can use the wine, port and sherry.

    I use a gutsy red, like a Merlot or Shiraz for the bulk of the wine.
    I measure 1/4 of the volume of the finished wine as orange juice. (So for this illustration, I am using 1 litre of orange juice to 4 bottles of wine.) I simmer this orange juice with slices of fresh ginger root, zest of an orange, zest of a lemon and the juice of both citrus fruits, a few whole cloves, several cinnamon sticks, one star anise, and a quantity of light brown or raw sugar. When it is syrupy after 10-20 minutes, and my house smells divine, I dump all this into a coffee urn with the wine, a 500 ml bottle of cherry juice, any dribs and drabs of extra wine and a good slosh of brandy. You can also use a crock pot, but remember not to let it get TOO hot! Mix well and adjust the sweetness.

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      Great! And I have nearly all those ingredients too. I appreciate the advice.