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Dec 30, 2008 07:49 AM

Sugar Bowl 2009...please help us narrow down our choices



Lunch – Mothers, Royal House Oyster Bar, Johnny’s

Dinner – Cochon, Olivier's, Bon Ton


Coffee at Café du Monde

Lunch – Mothers, Royal House Oyster Bar, Johnny’s

Dinner – Herbsaint, Mr. B’s Bistro (must be an early dinner due to game time)

Post Game???Late night eats?


Lunch – Galatoire's
Central Grocery (Take out for the trip home)
Dinner – Eat Restaurant, Luke, Jacques-Imo's

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  1. I prefer Mr. B' at lunch than at dinner. but whenever you go, have a reservation to be sure to get a table.
    as far as narrowing down, any would be good choices if you can get seated at the times and days of interest.
    with Jacques Imo's, if you have 5 or more, you can make a reservation. if not, go early! it is not unusual to wait an hour for a table on any given night.
    Luke is great for food, bar and atmosphere and not too bad a walk to the game. you may want to check it out before the game (believe they open for dinner at 5pm). not sure how late they serve. I would expect much of the after game festivities to be in the Qtr. and around the Fulton Street Mall/Harrah's.
    it will be a busy weekend around town with plenty to do and eat. have fun!

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      Luke is open from 7am-11pm straight through service, it's really convienent for ball games