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Dec 30, 2008 07:40 AM

Northeast Mkt (Balto): what's chowworthy?

I stopped in yesterday, and can't believe that I always neglect this bustling market relatively close to my house. So, I'll looking for your recs.

I'm specifically after the best fried chicken, lake trout sandwich, shrimp salad, and fresh meat and poultry stands.


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  1. Michael's pizza is good NY style pizza. Stick with the pizza though, other dishes not as good.
    Raw Bar in the back across form Michaels has good clams and oysters -- but no beer around to go with. I took some oysters home NYE and fried em up -- yum.
    Soho... Korean food -- East of Michael's and raw bar has good scallion/potatoe pancakes and chop chae (clear noodles).
    Fried Chicken: I don't know the name of the place, but if you walk in off Monument and make your first left, go as far as you can, you will walk into the fried chicken place that I like the best. The breast with wing is an enormous portion. Very moist and satisfying. Served on a piece of Wonder Bread to soak up the grease :) A few shakes of Old Bay (just ask) and Western Fries make a nice complement.

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      Many thanks for your response. I think I had the fried chicken, just wings, from that nameless place. (I can't remember the name either.) I thought they were moist and good, but not nearly good as the fried chicken one can get at Lexington or Hollins Mkts.

      I can't wait to try the Korean....thanks for that rec....

    2. I like the "O.K. Oriental" stand, which I think is only open for lunches on weekdays. I like the grilled chicken, kimchi, flash-fried green beans, and rice. The bean sprouts (with sesame seeds) are also quite good. If you like spicy, they have a squid dish that is very tasty, though most people ignore it.

      The lemonade/pretzel stand has outstanding lemon/limeade and iced tea. :) Also, some of my friends say that they've had excellent fresh fried tofu at the Chinese greasy spoon a few stands down on the left when you walk in from the Monument entrance.

      The lake trout sandwich from the place right next to the open dining tables (I think there's a big "LAKE TROUT" sign above it) has a nicely crispy and tasty lake trout sandwich, if a bit greasy (though that is part of the charm!). :)