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Dec 30, 2008 06:53 AM

Risotto in Phx/Scottsdale/Tempe

Hi all -

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I can usually find great info just by researching old posts, but something I haven't been able to find in recent posts is a recommendation for risotto. In your opinion, which restaurants serve the best risotto in the Phoenix/Tempe/South Scottsdale area? Thanks in advance...

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  1. For Scottsdale (more central than south), you might check out:

    Amarone (90th and Via Linda)-have tried a vegetable risotto that I thought was quite good (although avoid if don't like lemon/citrus based sauces...this one is really strong). They have a couple of other risotto varieties that look really tasty, as well. I'd be more inclined to order one of these next time. Risotto itself was perfectly cooked.

    Casa Mia (136th [?] off of Via Linda)-They frequently have risotto specials, and I believe they have a few that are always on the menu. Someone I go with frequently gets the risotto and is a huge risotto fan, and has never had anything but good things to say about it. Everything they put out here is high quality and very fresh...I'm sure the risotto is no different.

    La Locanda (Scottsdale Rd. a block or two south of Shea)-Haven't been here in a few years, so I can't attest to their food recently, but when I've been they've had several risottos which I hear are delicious (I've only had bites)...worth a shot.

    note: looked it up and there are a few other praises for La Locanda's risotto as well, more recently than I've been (

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      Is Casa Mia still in existence? I was under the impression the Via Linda @ FLW location closed some time ago... I thought I saw another post on this board mentioning some of the staff is now at Amarone.

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        They've just relocated a few miles down the road to the strip mall on 136th St. off of Via Linda.

    2. I like the risottos at Coupe des Tartes. There's generally only one or two versions on the menu to support a protein, but they don't seem to mind off-menu requests for entree-sized or vegetarian risottos.

      I'm pretty fussy about risottos, as I make them often, so I'm not about to go out and pay for something I could have better at home. They've never let me down.

      1. Too many places offer Risotto as a main course then do a bad job. I would never order as a main course, and pretty much any time I have been unable to steer the wife away from a good sounding risotto main its ended in disaster.

        That said I don't know if Sassi has a rissoto on the menu, might be ok if they do.