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Dec 30, 2008 06:42 AM

trattoria in springhouse?

I was on bethlehem pike north the other day and saw a trattoria on the the left hand side?
trattoria maria? or maria's trattoria?
anyone know anything about it?
please post if you do.

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  1. We have been there a few times and the food was great! Everything was fresh. A great treat - it is a small BYOB much much better then the previous restaurant. You have to check it out.

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      I'm intrigued... where exactly is it?

      1. re: AmblerGirl

        Googled it and found this - 805 N Bethlehem Pike Spring House, PA 19477

    2. We tried this place last night and were pretty happy with the food. The atmosphere is very casual - just a small pizza place complete with take out counter and flat screen TV. But its clean and they tried to add some decorative touches, like wine bottles on the table. The place was full of casual diners watching the TV and eating pizza/sandwiches, large families with lots of kids, people picking up take out, etc. It seems family owned, so service was predictably slow but very nice. The food was actually a great surprise. The menu had all standard italian food (pasta, chicken, veal, eggplant), prices were reasonable ranging from $12-$17.95 for entrees. We started with bruschetta and it was very fresh and good - perfectly ripe tomatos, good quality olive oil, strips of fresh basil. All entrees came with soup or salad and was served with good bread. The salad was just ok, my husband got the pasta y fagoli (I think I butchered the spelling) soup and, surprisingly, it was clearly homemade, which was an unexpected treat. I got chicken parm, my husband got veal saltimboca, both were very good, came with pasta. Portions were large but not ridiculous (I hatre it when italian restaurants overdo portion sizes). Total bill was only around $35. They run specials, like free dessert on Saturday. Great place for a casual meal, we'll definitely go back.