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Dec 30, 2008 06:13 AM

New Year's Eve ... Eat IN or Go OUT?

For the past few years we have hosted a New Year’s Eve dinner with our closest friends. One year was Ocean themed, where we served all seafood. Grilled Spiny Lobster, Pissed Off Shrimp, Stuffed Grilled Calamari and a smoked fish salad.

Last year we had grilled herb and mustard crusted rack of lamb and grilled Wahoo served with a grilled vegetable cous cous and an arugula Parma ham salad, we ended the night with Jell-O-Shots, it was so much FUN.

This year we have a “Smoked” themed.
Smoked Baby back Ribs (I am originally from the South; I have been in Bermuda for 15 years!)
Smoked Pulled Pork with homemade smoked cherry pepper BBQ Sauce
Grilled Wahoo
Baked Bean
Southern Potatoes
Smoked Sausage Grits
Crackling Corn bread
And at midnight Green Pea and Smoked Ham Hock Soup

So how do you spend your New Year’s Eve? Eat IN or Go Out?

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  1. Definitely eating in - we used to go out to a particular restaurant in the Boston/Somerville, MA area, but for the past several years, a friend hosts a small dinner party at her very large house. The entire downstairs has been renovated, and she now has a very large open kitchen that is located between the dining and living rooms, so it's always a gathering place (except when cooking is going on - too many cooks, and all that!).

    So about 10 of us gather there and several of us do the cooking (my role is usually prep chef for the person who will be doing the majority of the cooking). Not sure what we're having this year - either osso buco (this would be my choice) or some type of fish (as there is one vegetarian in our group). We've done stuffed rolled pork roast in the past, usually with a salad and a soup of some sort.

    I do like your themes, bgg - (ooh what I wouldn't give for a rack of lamb at one of our dinners!). Please described the Pissed Off Shrimp? Hot and spicy? Or "pissed" as in drunken shrimp? :-)

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Since Bermuda has very few good restaurants we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and having dinner parties...Thank goodness I spent years in the restaurant industry. I can fall back on some great experiences I spent inthe kitchens and catering.

      I love these shrimp (love hot and spicy food anyway)
      Hope you like them!

      Grilled Pissed off Shrimp
      2 lb. Med tiger shrimp, cleaned and
      1 tbsp Crushed red hot peppers
      2 tbsp Hot Chili Jelly
      4 cloves of garlic pressed or chopped finely
      1/4 C Extra V Olive Oil
      Salt / pepper to taste

      Combine all ingredients and add shrimp.
      Allow to marinate for at least 1 hr.
      Sometimes I allow 4 hrs.
      Skewer the shrimp and grill until desired
      doneness, about 3 minutes on each side

      1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

        Best food in Bermuda has always been in people's homes ;-) I'm not going out on those crazy roads on this island tonight, I'll be making Julia Child's tournedos with mushroom madeira sauce. If I'd had my wits about me I would've made traditional split pea soup, but I didn't.

    2. Eat In. Not in a zillion years would I go out. Maybe order some take out around 4:30 pm before the joints start getting slammed
      Everything about NYE out is amateur night. The restaurants all make the food ahead of time, and slap out the prix fixe food, and try to rush for the next seating. I've worked those nights at restaurants. Most of the service industry is pumped up by one nihgt employees. It's just so not worth it IMO. I'm sure there are a few places that have a great NYE set up, but I'll bet you they are few and far between.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        Exactly. Back in my server days we referred to the big resto holidays (mom's day, valentines day, new years, easter) as amateur night. The food is generally substandard b/c kitchens & cooks are pushed overwhelmed, servers are perpetually weeded and the customers are generally not accustomed to dining out in nicer establishments(thus the term "amateur night") and will often leave bad tips which, in turn, pisses off the server...

        Because of all of the above - and because I am so stuffed from the holidays that I feel like a slug - w'ere staying in. We'll have roasted loin and sauerkraut w/ mashed potatoes and a veg on NYD.

      2. Here, eat in with a few friends. As in Boston no doubt, it is bloody cold here in Montréal and we boomers are too old to enjoy queueing at -whatever to get into restos and bars.

        I've happily spent St-Sylvester in slightly-warmer climes going from place to place (slightly warmer - say, Paris, Perugia, Rome...). Friends in Argentina and Chile definitely taking the "out" route, but it is high summer there!

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        1. re: lagatta

          In Boston, they have First Night - I've done it once, back in the early 1990s, reserving a table for the night at a (now non-existent) restaurant near Boston Common and wandering outside whenever we wanted to see the ice sculptures, watch people skating on Frog Pond, see if we could get into a musical venue with our First Night Buttons (usually lines are way too long for that). But it was about 45-50 degrees F. out that night - easy to deal with. I've done it once; that's more than enough. It gets way too crazy out there (Boston's had the longest running First Night program in the country - since our bicentennial).

          Tomorrow, we're getting snow, and the low temps are going to be about 11 degrees F. at night. I don't envy anyone who's planning on being out tomorrow night.

        2. With a 2 year old daughter we have stayed home the last few years, and will be staying home for New Years for the next few years.

          Before we had a child we did the restaurant, bar, hotel party, Key West, & the Sarasota New Years Eve things in past years. The best were the hotel parties, decent food, but the best part was drinking as much as you wanted, and only having to navigate yourself to the elevator and to your room. Key West was a blast, as was Sarasota, as much for the warm weather, and being away from cold Chicago, as the revelry.

          This year will be surf and turf of some sort(big surprise for me the meatatarian I know). I will hit my local butcher for some prime steaks(depends what looks the best), as well as maybe a trip before I head home down to Chinatown for some live lobsters, or live Dungeness Crab.

          Of course lots of beer, alot of tequila, and enterainment provided by the X-Box, and Rock Band 2.

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          1. re: swsidejim

            "(big surprise for me the meatatarian I know)" That is funny because we do know your tastes! Have a good one - kayo, ang iyong asawa, at ang anak babae!

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              have an enjoyable New Years Eve, and good New Year as well.

          2. I live in DC and I'm with the rest of you - eating in. My fiancee and I are going over to another couple's house and having homemade pasts bolognese, garlic bread, salad, chocolate fondue for dessert...and did I mention booze?

            I'm actually really looking forward to a relaxing night of eating, drinking, playing with their dog and perhaps a few drunken board games...perfect way to ring in the New Year!