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Dec 30, 2008 06:09 AM

Dinner Recs, DC or NOVA, under $100

Looking for a nice dinner with the gf, non pretentious, about the food, anything in the DC or NOVA area. Under $100 for the two of us, including wine. Some places I have scouted out:

Brasserie Beck

Any recs would be greatly appreciated

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  1. I don't think you can get more unpretentious than Ray's the Steaks

    1. you will have a tough time getting out of proof for under $100 if you do a full thing — appetizers, entrees, desserts and two bottles of wine will almost certainly run you above that. but if you keep it to just two entrees and one bottle of wine you might be OK. the food is so good, though, so if you think you can swing it then try.

      I like harry's tap room and boulevard woodgrill in clarendon for nice dinners at moderate prices. They're not exactly dirt cheap, but they do provide a cozy, classy atmosphere for less than you'd pay at alot of places, and harry's has good steaks and wine. I agree with the other poster about ray's the steaks, too, although it's not the nicest atmosphere it is probably the best steak around.

      1. I don't know that Harry's or Boulevard Woodgrill will be a great date spot. What about Sette Bello? Talulah? They are a little less noisy and a little more date like. You could even probably do Central depending on what you order, especially if you split an app, as they tend to be big, they have very well priced wines. You could also do Oya you could get their price fix menu and wine, although I normally get cocktails there so I am unsure of the wine selection. I love Brasserie Beck, it can be a little loud by the bar ask to be towards the back. Proof I agree you many be on the edge of your price limit.

        Also think about Cafe du Parc.