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Dec 30, 2008 05:41 AM

Local Penna Egg Nog

So what nog have you been drinking here in Pennsylvania? I've been imbibing the Weis supermarket brand egg nog with mount gay rum. I mix it with a bit of whole milk and nutmeg on top. I was going to do a whole tasting thing with John but the first brand I grabbed at Weis, almost four dollars has me very satisfied and surprised at how good it is. My mom always mixed up a big bowl for new year's day in a beautiful crystal punch bowl with cups, and she used to hand whip the egg whites til they were stiff and wintery white, floating on top of her beautiful homemade nog laced with plenty of rum. Her dad was not a drinking man, but this nog was the only thing I ever remember him enjoying in the way of spirited beverages. So homemade nog, store bought but pimped out, or no nog for my fellow Pa chowhounds?

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  1. I go with the PA Dutch egg nog from the Reading terminal market

    1. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone drinks the stuff......

      1. I just found out that Pennveiw Dairy up in the Dublin/Perkasie area has a really tasty eggnog. I found it at Bolton's Turkey Farm store.
        I love the stuff... if it's good. I keep checking out the ingredients on the readily available stuff and it's chocked full of HFCS & junk like that. Even the good stuff, I can only drink a little, but it's a great Christmas tradition. Also, I got a great eggnog bread recipe from dear ole' Mom, that I am addicted to.

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          I clicked on this to reccommend Pennview Dairy!

          I haven't tried it, but I recently discovered the dairy, and Dh saw the eggnog. I'm pretty sure they make their own. I think their milk is LEAPS and bounds above any other.

          Johnny, everything I find, you've found before me!

          Just tell me everything that's good, that I might have missed. :) Pennview isn't that far from me. The nut butters at the Qmart are a nice recent find, if that's a good trade-off! LOL

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            sommrluv, Thanks for the kind words. I haven't been exploring much lately, so I think you're probably caught up to me. One thing I did pick up at the library was a list of farmers markets and pick-your-own farms. It's not all-inclusive, but it lists a ton I had never heard of. It's just about time for sour cherries (PYO) up near MIlford, so I may have to take the kids over to check it out. The booklet is put out by the Penn State Extension and were in the foyer of the Perkasie library, but I'd guess they are at all of them. It's a little better put together than the one I saw a few years ago. It also has a handy map in the center to give you a quick overview. I need to head over to a MontCo library to see if I can find one for them.

            BTW, I think that Bolton's Turkey Farm carries Pennveiw milk, so you can pick up some of their produce and meats in one stop. I really liked the Hendricks milk, but it may have helped that I would often forget to shake it before pouring. Nothing like a good slug of cream to start your day.

            Finally, speaking of the nut butters at the Q-mart, my sister was in town last weekend, so we went up and she picked up a tub of the almond butter. She really had to exercise a little discipline not to get the cashew butter, too, but couldn't take it in her carry-on. Had I read your post when you posted it, it would have been new. I guess you've surpassed me, so I'll just have to follow your lead from here on in.

        2. I have no idea how "authentic" it is, but the stuff in the state store that says "Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog" has become our standby. I have a hard time believing that Amish people would be into something that amounts to nutmeg-flavored brandy, but I certainly enjoy it :-)

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            The Amish don't drink nog, but many PA Dutch do....common misconception, but they are not the same thing. That being said, I really don't know how or why one would identify nog as "PA Dutch" anyway.

          2. I realize this is an older post, but wanted to add my favorite.
            There is a small local dairy just south of Lancaster City, Pine View Acres Dairy.
            All their milk comes in plastic bags, which you insert into a reusable plastic pitcher.
            They also make their own ice cream and sell on site.
            The Egg Nog is sublime. Creamy, rich, just the right amount of spice. And very fresh, not loaded
            with preservatives. I enjoy it with a shot of bourbon or rum.