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Dec 30, 2008 05:29 AM

Lunch in Bowie Near Radio & TV Museum

I'm going out there on Friday and might as well take advantage of being in a different place to have lunch if that makes sense. Any suggestions nearby? It's on Mitchelville Rd a bit west of Rt. 301. Here's the MapQuest link:

I'll eat most anything, she rarely eats beef, often eats chicken, doesn't care much for Chinese, neither of us will go that far out of the way for Domino's or Subway. Is this close enough to the part of Bowie where the oft-mentioned KBQ Barbecue is? They probably have chicken. Any other suggestions beyond the links on the MapQuest map?

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  1. Yes, KBQ is 5 miles away. Go there.
    Your directions:

    Alternatively, Jerry's Seafood's newest location (open only a month or two) is even closer. I've not been there yet but am a big fan of their original Lanham location. Website says to call for hours.
    Your directions:

    1. My mom worked in Bowie for a time and we often found ourselves looking for a new restaurant to try.

      First suggestion would be Old Bowie Town Grill, fantastic crabcakes and they usually have live entertainment upstairs -

      Second would be TJ Elliotts - good comfort food place, not much to look at but the food will fill you up nicely -

      If you feel like going northon 301 about 15 minutes to Gambrills there's a great restaurant there called 4 Seasons Grille - the food is ecletic with a lot of unique options to choose from, lots of seafood too -

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. We didn't get out there until about 1:30, so I ate lunch at home, and we didn't stick around for dinner. The museum was pretty cool though, and I might end up volunteering there, so I'll get a chance to check out the local eateries without another person, a 35 pound Crosley radio, and a pile of old radio manuals (her father was in the Signal Corps) in tow.

        1. So tell me about the Crosley!

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            To put a food spin on it, it's just about the same size as a bread box. Metal case, dusty, looks like olive drab crackle paint. The museum had a sort of similar one in a wood case on display.

            I didn't really have a good look at it.