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Dec 30, 2008 04:53 AM

Need help - private room for 20-30 people

My Mom passed away unexpectedly and i need to plan a nice dinner to celebrate her life with family and close friends. Unfortunately, i am from New York and not sure where to turn for help. We tried to book the room at Moo at XV Beacon, where we are staying, but they already have a party for the night we will all be in town (a week from Saturday, January 10th - so its very short notice). She really liked to go out and have a nice dinner - any cuisine is OK and cost is not really an issue, although spending too much is not really the objective. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and, as always, thanks for your help.

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  1. BillyBob,
    I just went through planning a party for 20+ people (which unfortunately I had to cancel because of the snowstorm). After a lot of thought I ended up choosing Petit Robert (the one in Kenmore), which was reasonably priced, had good menu and a private room. The guy who I spoke with was Matthew.

    1. I think Loch Ober has a private room or rooms.

      1. I just checked. Locke Ober has a few rooms that look like they can meet your need.

        1. I love the private room (the "Salon Room") at Mistral. A beautiful room, great food, great service.

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          1. re: Blumie

            The folks at Mooo.... and XV Beacon also own Mistral. I'm sure they can help you with arrangements.

          2. I think Mistral would be a good choce as well. If that space is not available, I would look into Sel de la Terre on Boylston St which has a private room that is the right size and very good food.

            223 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02116

            Sel de la Terre
            774 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199

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            1. re: BBHound

              The private room at the other Sel de la Terre could handle that crowd as well, I believe. Closer to XV Beacon too.

              Sel De La Terre
              255 State St, Boston, MA 02109