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Dec 30, 2008 04:24 AM

what to do with a bottle of Maraschino liqueur?

I tried the Aviation cocktail with Plymouth gin, but it wasn't for me (I just don't like gin). What to do with the rest of the bottle?

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  1. I like it with just club soda. It's more of a light, refreshing drink that way rather than a get-you-plowed-before-dinner cocktail.

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      Do a search over at the Cocktail Database:

      They list 211 recipes, 138 of which don't contain gin (and many that do, but in a supporting component, rather than base spirit, role). Should be a fun exploration into what ones might work for you.

      1. re: Scortch

        Hemingway Daiquiri:
        1 oz grapefruit juice
        1/2 oz lime juice
        2oz white rum
        1/2 oz Maraschino
        1/2 oz simple syrup or 1/2 tsp sugar (to taste)

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            Update: My new favorite daiquiri, christened the Hemingway Derby Daiquiri:
            1 oz orange juice
            1/2 oz lime juice
            1/2 oz Maraschino
            2oz white rum

            The orange juice is sweet enough that you don't need to add any sugar. Refreshing and delicious!

          2. re: Scortch

            Already done that, Scortch. I want to know about drinks you've personally tried with Maraschino.

            1. re: momskitchen

              Martinez (gin, sweet vermouth, Maraschino, bitters). Preferably a nice sweet vermouth like Vya or Carpano Antica.

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                Ah, there's the rub! And my personal failing in the maraschino department. I LOVE gin and so I'm sitting here wracking my brain for a recipe I enjoy that doesn't have it.

                Looks as if I need to poke around those recipes a bit to expand my experience! Can we leave this one at "I'll get back to you", momskitchen?

                1. re: momskitchen

                  Manhattan Cocktail No. 1 (from Savoy):

                  2 dashes maraschino (1/4 oz is good)
                  1 pony rye whiskey
                  1 wineglass vermouth (mixed -- i.e., both sweet and dry)
                  3 dashes angostura bitters

                  Stir (Savoy says shake, but I disagree on that one), strain, and squeeze a piece of lemon peel over the top. It's a really tasty drink, and the maraschino gives it a bit of a funky undertone that I really like.

            2. Make brandied cherries! OK, you may have missed the southern hemisphere cherry season, but that's what I did a week or so ago. Our Costco had Chilean cherries, but they were gone when I went back just before Xmas. And you just have to live with the guilt about the carbon footprint of buying produce from so far away.

              My recipe is about 1/4 simple syrup (1:1), 1/4 Luxardo maraschino, and 1/2 brandy. Boil your jars, add the cherries and spices, fill to cover. Refrigerate.

              I also really like Gary Regan's Manhattan recipe from a while back, which had you use maraschino as a rinse for the glass.

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                Yup cherries- great idea, ted! But do save some to try to find a cocktail that you enjoy- maraschino liqueur is such good stuff.

                Oh, and fancy this being on Chow at the same time as this query:


                1. re: Scortch

                  I really have trouble with the chow recipe database when trying to access it from my computer. Anyone else have this problem? When I get into it, it just locks the machine up.

                  What is the recipe?

                2. re: ted

                  As a Michigander, there's no way I could buy cherries grown anywhere but in my fair state. I'll save this idea for next cherry season, though, Ted. Thanks for the great idea!

                  1. re: momskitchen

                    FWIW, I've also made Brandy Crustas lately that I enjoyed.

                    Oh, and the cherries may not be from MI, but they still taste really good after a couple weeks in the fridge.

                3. you can use it as a replacement for the sweet component of many cocktails, for an interesting variant - try using it instead of triple sec in any cocktail you like that uses it, for example.
                  you will have the same balance, but a completely different flavor profile....

                  i know you said you don;t like gin - i used to feel the same way, until i started viewing gin as the best of the infused vodkas - gin is like vodka but better engineered for mixing! anyway i make this cocktail often:
                  1 1/2 oz gin (plymouth or hendricks)
                  1oz aperol
                  1oz maraschino liquer
                  1 oz lemon juice

                  i suppose you could replace the gin w/ vodka or tequila pretty easily

                  1. I'd also look for some European cocktail recipes which include cherry liquors. All the best bar work I've experienced using them has been on that continent. I had a barman at a London private club off Sloane St. spend 15 minutes working on some elaborate concoction that must've used a dozen different glasses and implements. It was the greatest cherry soda I've ever had, with the odd side effect of 12 oz. severely impacting my sense of balance, even though I'm a really big boy.

                    1. Try this old recipe for New Year's parties:

                      Jefferson Davis Punch:

                      1.5 Pints of lemon juice
                      3.25 lbs. of sugar, dissolved in water
                      12 bottles of claret
                      1.5 bottles of sherry
                      0.5 bottle of brandy
                      0.5 pint of Jamaican rum
                      1 cup of Maraschino liqueur
                      3 bottles of ginger ale
                      6 bottles mineral water or soda

                      Garnish with two lemons sliced thin; half of a cucumber sliced with peel on; one orange sliced. If too strong, water may be added till the quantity reaches 5 gallons. Best if made 24 hours before using, adding ice, the ginger ale and mineral water just before serving.