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Dec 30, 2008 03:39 AM

HY's Steakhouse. Help Please!


Happy New Year!

I was wondering how HY's is doing these days. I have not been since it was in Yorkville. My wife loves steak and I have been to all the others. I just want a really beautiful room with a decent steak. I want her to enjoy the experience and some place where people still dress for dinner. No tourists in jeans please.

Your help and suggestions are always greatly appreciated!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I dont think there is anywhere in the city where you wil not find a lot of the customers in jeans...

      1. I've never been to Hy's, but I think one of the most beautiful rooms in the city is the Fifth Grill.

        You can get a decent steak, but the room really is the highlight of the experience, in my opinion. Can't guarantee no-tourists-in-jeans, but the space does have an air of occasion.

        1. If you want good steak without the tourists try Barbarians off of Yonge street along Elm. Not a lot of tourists know it's there since it's not visible... I don't actually mind ByMark for the dress up but steak is not the first choice on the menu.

          1. Hy's is a beautiful restaurant, very dim lighting and warm atmosphere. I'm a big fan.
            I'm not sure that you won't find people that are not in jeans there though but the tables are intimate (ask for one of the booths) and you won't even notice the other people in the restaurant.