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Dec 30, 2008 01:03 AM

Throw it up for La Raza:Tapatio cuisine in North Hollywood w/pics

Tortas Ahogadas La Raza has been around North Hollywood for many years hidden in plain sight.The restaurant appears to be more an ad for the Club Deportivo Guadalajara, known as the Chivas, with its red, white, and blue decor and dancing chivas mascots on the weathered sign atop this humble establishment. The outdoor seating, school lunch benches surrounded by a makeshift canopy and what look to be abandoned plants definitely don't make for a romantic setting.And, the tortas ahogadas sign that could let you know there was a restaurant there looks like radio station banner.They won't win any awards for restaurant design, but if you've ever been to Guadalajara, you will recognize the chefs cooking.

The tortas ahogadas are delicious and exactly as you would receive them in el centro historico, GDL.Tortas ahogadas(drowned sandwiches)are made with a bolillo, and a chile arbol based sauce and also a less spicy tomato based sauce.I got the mildly spicy tomato based version, but I'm sure it's not a problem to get them kick up the heat.They have tasty tacos dorados de papa(fried potato tacos)that are pure street comfort food.Tacos of barbacoa, while not the best I've had, are genuine Tapatio flavor and worth having again.Some other Tapatio treasures, botanas and tostadas of oreja(pig ear), cuero(pigskin), and pata(pig foot) are rare and magnificent versions here at La Raza.

There are a couple of shrimp standards, al mojo de ajo and empanizado, not particular to Jalisco, but this chef, la cocinera, can make good food so give 'em a try.For dessert, jericallas,Mexico's answer to creme brulee and gelatina(Mexican jello).

Come experience a taste of Jalisco, superb tortas ahogadas, tostadas, tacos, and botanas(snacks), another great regional option for Mexican food in the San Fernando Valley.

Tortas Ahogadas La Raza
5938 Vineland Ave.(south of Oxnard St.)
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Think they close around 7PM, or until the chef goes home.

The torta shack
my torta runeth over
taco de barbacoa
taco dorado de papa

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  1. Man i've been searching for potato tacos in the SF Valley for awhile now. Thanks for the heads up!

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    1. re: waxfondler

      Yeah, I knew there was a recent thread about potato tacos in the Valley, was that you? These aren't rolled like El Atacor, but a traditional dorado style, and they're yummy.

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        Yeah that was me that started that potato taco thread. From the pictures you posted, these look to be the same as El Atacor #11. Not rolled but folded and fried. I live close by so im gonna try them out asap. Thanks!

    2. Hi streetgourmetla,

      Nice! :) For their Tortas Ahogadas, what choices of meat do they have? (and which would you recommend? :)

      Also is their Barbacoa... de Chivo? :) (I've been craving some good Chivo recently.)


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      1. re: exilekiss

        Hey exilekiss, I would come here for the torta, a tostada of pigs feet, and then a taco, but would not come here specifically for the tacos, unless of course you live in the area.

        Barbacoa de borrego is lamb.Are you thinking of birria de chivo(goat)?Yeah, the chivas on the sign are just mascots, not the main course:) For chivo, I would look East Los, South Central and environs,and the Alameda Swap Meet.

        1. re: streetgourmetla

          Hi streetgourmetla,

          Ah thanks. :) Yah, I know Barbacoa de Borrego is lamb (^_~), I was just curious if they had any Birria (Chivo) for choices of meat, etc. Thanks. :)