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Dec 29, 2008 10:02 PM

Orlando area: Enzo's on the Lake?

Had a wonderful meal at Enzo's several years ago. Is the food quality still top-notch? Would my business clients be impressed if I took them here?

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  1. The food is still exceptional. The property has gotten a bit shabby, and you may have to wait to be greeted, but the food is still phenomenal.

    1. The food is definitely just as good as always. I think they may be approaching their 30th year anniversary also. Very consistent. Make reservations though.

      1. Even though Enzo Perlini died in October 2006, the restaurant that bears his name continues on, operated by his ex-wife Joann. In truth, Joann had been running it for years before Enzo became ill.
        Be sure to order the antipasto selection.