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Dec 29, 2008 09:54 PM

Kosher Bakery in Owings Mills/Pikesville Area

I know there's a lot of them, but can anyone recommend their favorite? Thanks-

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  1. I suggest you try the Kosher Board

    1. Goldman's on Reistertown. It's dairy, not parve.

      1. Goldman's and Schmell & Azman's are both good, but I prefer Pariser's, 6711 Reisterstown Rd., 410-764-1700.

        1. Pariser's for challah, Goldman's for dessert.

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          1. re: RichardCrystal

            A couple of weeks ago a guy in my office (in DC) brought in a tray of rugelach from Pariser's. I was VERY impressed. Store-bought rugelach usually suck. These were as close to my family's recipe as I can remember getting from a bakery in many years.

          2. PARISER'S IS THE BEST. I GOOD FRIENDS WITH OWNER. Handles down the best challah and chocolate strip.