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Dec 29, 2008 09:29 PM

My Mom needs some paprikas szalonna. Please help!

Hi all.

Though I am finding lots of fab Hungarian goodies here in LA, one major item has eluded me. My Mom absolutely loves paprikas szalonna, which is a weird boiled fat rolled in paprika thing I have never deleloped a taste for despite being all about hard-core ethnic foods.

Does anyone know where I can get this? She used to go regularly to Otto's, the big European Deli in the Northern Valley and all the obvious places with no luck. I'm striking out and would love to be able to bring her a nice, big szalonna without having to go to NJ to get it.

Driving, within the boundaries of reason of course, is not an issue.


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  1. I would try (and I don't know the name), the big Hungarian restaurant on Melrose/Vine, it's the only Hungarian place I know of.

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      Csardas (5820 Melrose). Even if they don't have it there, maybe call ahead and sweet talk into making it for you.

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        Ooo I've been itching to try Csardas anyway. Good call, thanks!

    2. You might try the Schreiner's German Deli on Ocean View in Montrose or Continental Deli one on San Fernando Rd. in Burbank..

      By the way, I think that Hortobagy the Hungarian restaurant that was on Ventura Blvd. has just reopened in North Hollywood at the site of Maximilian's. They've retained the name Maximilian's.

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        Great suggestions, thanks! I'll give them a shot.

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          Drove by Maximilian's today, parked and looked at the menu. This is now indeed an Hungarian restaurant with a reasonably priced menu. Called the number posted outside the door and spoke with a genetleman with a thick Hungarian accent sho said they will be opening Friday night. I loved the listing of dishes and I personally love the venue because of it's quit qrivacy as opposed to being on a major drag. Unless someone beats me to it I will post the outcome of my venture as I long for the 1/2 crispy duck I remember so well from Hortobagy. The further advantage of the new location is that there is plenty of room to park on side streets or at the restaurant.

          1. re: Hughlipton

            Please do post. I was aching for Hortobagy the other day and was referred to Csardas which I went to and found somewhat lacking (I was told it was related to Hortobagy, but some things tasted different to me). Did you ask if they were related to Hortobagy?

        2. If otto doesn't have it, (in burbank not north valley), try this place out in the antelope valley - call and ask first -
          Valley Hungarian Sausage & Meat Co.
          8809 Pearblossom Hwy
          Littlerock, CA 93543
          about 35 minutes from northridge.

          1. I'm in NJ so I cant suggest any places, but the stuff is SO easy to make...all it is is a slab of pork belly which is simmerred (not boiled) in very well salted water with lots of chopped garlic (I grind some pepper in when I make it as well). After a long simmer, it is taken out of the water, patted dry, and coated with sweet Noble Rose paprika, and refrigerated. Thins lices on rye bread...or even a cracker= yum.
            I grew up on the stuff and still love it for all its decadence, though it's not something you can (or should) at a lot of. It's my Grandma's classic peasant food.
            Seriously...if you can find a butcher shop that has fresh pork belly (ANY Asian market would have that) try making some for your mom!