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Dec 29, 2008 08:08 PM

Low-key New Year's Eve in Northern NJ

We're looking for a low-key restaurant for dinner on New Year's Eve. Something moderately priced with vegetarian-friendly food. (I know this is a tall order!) Italian, Mediterranean, American are great, but I'm open to suggestions -- even a place just for appetizers or dessert. Friends from NYC are coming in to meet us, so a restaurant near a train station would be ideal (Hoboken, Montclair, etc).

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  1. The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system extends up into North Bergen, so if you can get a reservation, I would recommend Di Palma Brothers in North Bergen

    For Vegetarian, they have Eggplant Meatballs and a Zucchini appetizer with four cheeses that were very good....along with the traditional eggplant dishes. Portions are large and meant for sharing....coupled with being a BYOB....the place is ridiculously inexpensive.
    It's a little dining at someone's Grandma's house.

    1. New Years Eve in Copeland Restaurant in Morristown would be ideal. They have an awesome eggplant tarte. I know they are doing a 6 course tasting menu. I would recommend emailing them to see if they also have a vegetarian tasting menu option.

      1. Actually a recommendation would depend on your timing requirements: Do you want to be in the restaurant at midnight, or could you do an early dinner, 8PM or so, and retire to your home for the midnight revelry?

        If the earlier time, there will be lots of choices and good values. If you want midnight, there will be special menus and overpriced packages.