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Dec 29, 2008 07:53 PM

Polish delis in Calgary?

Are there any delis or stores devoted to Polish foods in Calgary?

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  1. Polcan Meat

    357 Heritage Drive SE
    Calgary, AB T2H 1M8
    Phone: 403-258-0228

    1. There is also a little place near the corner of 17 ave sw and 37 st sw. I think it's called Heritage Bakery and deli.

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        I like Jans Meat & Delicatessen just off Crowchild N. (2436 2 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2N‎ - (403) 270-8334‎). This was recommended by a co-worker who is originally from Poland. Their kielbassa is great!

      2. Old Fashion Meat & Deli‎
        532 Cleveland Crescent SE
        (403) 287-1511‎

        A bit out of the way, but EXCELLENT sandwiches to go (massive portions), homemade desserts (cheesecakes, apple cake, etc) and a decent looking deli. I've only gone for the pate, which I am craving while I type. Always really busy when we go - not open on Sundays.

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          can you comment more on the sandwiches? e.g. what toppings, meats, style, etc?

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            What kind of pate do they have? I haven't found great pate in Calgary lately.

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              Sorry - haven't been on in a while ...
              Sandwiches are pretty basic, any of their deli meats (I usually just go for a ham) on fresh rye, mustard and pickles. It's not fancy, and neither is the deli - it's super simple and great. Not sure if they like doing the sandwiches for us, I feel a bit like an inconvenience, but all the construction guys around us do it and the deli's never objected.
              They don't speak much english, but from what I gather, it's a typical homemade Polish pate. There's a crust on the outer edges, like a loaf of bread.

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                wow, meat, mustard, and pickles on rye sounds PERFECT to me!!!

                actually, on that bread with mustard i prefer sliced pickled pepperoncini, but cukes work too... or whatever, as long as there is something soaked in brine to give it a bit of zest.

          2. My husband is from Poland, so every couple of weeks we find ourselves at a deli to stock up. Both Jan's Meats and Polcan are excellent. Jan's is our more common stop because of its location and I would give it a slight edge over Polcan for the quality of their sausages and deli meats. I also love their sweet cheese buns and we regularly order sides of pork from them. It is truly incredible how much they fit in such a small space.

            Polcan offers a larger selection of packaged items - sauce & seasoning packages, candies, cake mixes, etc. Both stores have a large selection of all of our favourites - herring, barsz, Wedel chocolate, horseradish, pretzel sticks, zurek soup mix, and the list goes on....

            Heritage Deli is probably the best place to go for lunch. (Jans doesn't serve lunch items and Polcan's offerings get picked over fairly early.) My mother-in-law keeps us well stocked with bigos and other treats, so we usually don't stop to eat. I find the selection of grocery items at Heritage Deli to be a bit sparse and not always Polish. (They also have a lot of German items.)

            I also recently discovered Maria Market in the NE (#42, 2770-32 Avenue NE). It is largely a Romanian deli, although they carry a variety of central/eastern european food products. There is a small amount of crossover between Romanian and Polish cuisines - such as their vanilla slice (cremschnitt) and their traditional baked bread. Both amazing, with the vanilla slice being even better than what I had on a recent trip to Poland.

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              I'm an avid shopper at Polcan and find the variety, quality and prices all good. For those of you who happen to shop b/w Jans and Polcan do you notice any significant price difference? I know Polcan has raised quite a few prices in the last 18 months but I don't notice it personally just hear it from my friends who also shop there often :)

              1. re: hclass

                From what I have noticed, prices are pretty much the same. I've sometimes noticed a difference of 25 cents or less on the same item. I haven't noticed prices changing any more here (in fact probably a bit less) than they have at my usual grocery store though. That said, Jans doesn't always have their prices marked very clearly, so sometimes I just don't pay attention to the price.