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Dec 29, 2008 07:50 PM

Dim Sum in Fresno ?

Any suggestions for a good Dim Sum place in Fresno?


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  1. Imperial Garden, point blank...there is no use arguing.

    Blackstone, North of Sierra.

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    1. re: cocktailqueen77

      Thanks CQ Think we'll try them tonight !

      1. re: Jeff Avis

        Yes, Imperial Garden dim sum is comparable to what you would find in Los Angeles or San Francisco Chinatown (but not the suburbs). Note that dim sum is typically served in the morning through mid-afternoon, so I don't know if there's any left at dinner time. (Dim sum is pretty much non-existent at night time in L.A. and S.F.)

    2. Here is a past thread mentioning Imperial Garden...

      I'm not sure if they serve dim sum at night, it is always best to me Sunday morning!! But regardless, the food is outstanding (make sure to ask for the "Chinese" menu - it does have translations, and a better selection of authentic dishes. Otherwise you will wnd up with the "Americanized" menu).

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      1. re: cocktailqueen77

        Hey, thanks cq77, we have been going to IG for MANY years and I had no idea that they had a Chinese menu. Any suggestions?

      2. Imperial Garden is a must-do for dim sum here in Fresno. They do cart service on the weekends, but have dim sum available for order any day of the week and at night. Ordering from the carts is a lot of fun, but you can get the dim sum if you really need it, any day of the week.

        Hubby and I also enjoy dim sum from a place called China Chop Suey on the corner of Clinton and Blackstone. Don't be weirded out by the name, they do more than the Americanized stuff. They do cart service on the weekends and while we both agreed we enjoyed IG more, China Chop Suey does have some different stuff, including taro preparations and their chive and shrimp dumpling gives IG a run for its money! So if you get to IG too late and don't have time for the line, China Chop Suey would be a good backup. Or maybe you are just in the mood for something different. They also have a Chinese menu and an American menu for ordering other dishes, make sure you ask for the Chinese one!

        1. Bumping up this old thread since there is a new kid on the block.

          From what I can piece together the chef is from Imperial Garden, and I've recognized a couple of the waitresses from there as well. They've rennovated the former China Garden space at the NW corner of Blackstone and Swift and serve dim sum daily with cart service on the weekend. There are approximately 30 items offered daily, my favorites being the salt and pepper squid (not to be missed), what I call shrimp corn fritters (#20 iirc), and the har gow. The one time I tried the shu mai they were just OK as were the pork ribs and the tripe was a little too funky for my taste. I'll try to branch out and try some things from the Chinese menu but it's hard to pass up my chance for a dim sum fix when it's so convenient.

          Last visit I ran into one of my favorite waiters from Hunan and asked if he had any favorites from their Chinese menu and he recommended the fried pork intestine, which I will try next time I'm not having lunch solo.

          Grand Palace
          4313 North Blackstone
          (559) 227-0896

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          1. re: PolarBear

            Which ribs -- BBQ pork spare ribs or braised crosscut ribs with black beans?

            1. re: Stephanie Wong

              The small ones in black bean. On the greasy side, especially in contrast to the totally greaseless salt and pepper squid.

              1. re: PolarBear

                Thanks for heads up & warnings! Will try to make time for this the next time I'm your way. (Will have much more time after 12-31-12)

            2. re: PolarBear

              Chicken feet? Tofu skin wrapped anything?

              1. re: c oliver

                Don't recall seeing any on the daily sheet, I would think definitely on weekends, will try to remember to ask.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  PB, was on Blackstone on Sat & tried to spot Grand Palace and couldn't. What's it close to?

                  1. re: Gail

                    Grand Palace
                    4313 North Blackstone
                    (559) 227-0896

                    NW corner at Swift, one block north of Ashlan

                    Cafe Leon is to the south just between Swift and Ashlan. Couple of big Palm trees kind of obscure part of the sign.

                    1. re: PolarBear

                      PB you are one major knowledgable ChowHound!

                      1. re: PolarBear

                        Just learned today over my dim sum lunch that Grand Palace will be closing next Monday, Oct 15. They apparently have lost their lease and are looking for a new location.

                        This weekend last chance for cart service at this locatioin.

                        1. re: PolarBear

                          Great news! Wednesday's paper reported that Grand Palace will be reopening as the New City China Restaurant in the former digs of Carrows at 1484 E. Shaw just east of Red Lobster. All the same smiling faces hope to have it opened this month.