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Dec 29, 2008 07:47 PM

Ganges Restaurant - Sherbrook West in NDG

Well after reading several positive reviews for this restaurant, and being very hungry for some spicy food I made the treck to the restaurant.

Upon entering my expectations were hightened. The restaurant was about 1/2 full at 6 pm on a Monday evening. The food on the tables looked good and people seemed to be happy. I quickly realized that I was fooled.

I was shown to a table and given a menu. I purused the menu and figured out what I wanted, settling for the samosas, a chicken curry and nan. About 20 minutes later I was able to flag down a waiter to place my order. After looking around and realizing that the tables around me hadn't received their food in the 20 minutes I'd been waiting, I decided to pop out to the dep to grab a magazine.

I got back took my seat and started to read National Geographic. After about 10 minutes of reading and attempting to flag a waiter for a glass of water I was successful and received my water. About 15 minutes later my samosas arrived... about 30 minutes after I ordered them. They were delightful, light and grease free. Well worth the relatively low price.

about 10 minutes later most of the rest of my meal arrived. The rice was average at best, the chicken dish was not as described. It was obviously tandoori chicken that was cut up and put into the sauce, not simmered in the sauce. The sauce was sickeningly sweet and not a hint of spice. My nan looked like it'd been hacked into pieces with the handle of a butter knife and it wasn't even warm. They had forgotten my poppadom.

The first time any one came to check on my meal, I was nearly done. I asked for a refill of my water and my poppadom. The poppadom arrived in about 10 minutes, the water in an additional 10 and the bill a full 20 minutes later.

Total 22.63 (meal and tax, no alcohol, water for beverage). I would consider this overpriced/bordering on a rip off considering the service.

I may be spoiled as I lived in the Lower Mainland of BC and had many great Indian Restaurants, but I will not stop looking for a good one here.

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  1. I am sorry to hear their quality and service went down. This is my favourite Indian restaurant although I have not been there in almost a year. I used to absolutely love their onion bhaji and butter chicken. I wonder if it was a one-off or if it really went down-hill. Have you tried the Taj Mahal on Sherbrooke (Westmount)? This would be my second choice.

    1. I've refused to go to Ganges for a couple of years now because of their surly service. Their food was not good enough for me to put up with bad wait staff. It's discouraging to learn that they haven't changed.

      1. The food at Ganges is not the best and is sometimes super oily, but it can be quite tasty. Here are some tips to enjoy it better:

        1- Take out. You avoid the bad service and the portions are bigger. You also get a free dish if you order enough and ask for it.

        2- Wear a mustache. Seriously, the times my bf and i have eaten there (my sister independently corroborates this theory or mine) i have not even been acknowledged.

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          It could be a cultural or religious thing, not acknowledging women... it's Indian food but maybe the staff is not Indian at all. At bit like Taste of India on Monkland, which is entirely owned and run by Bangladeshi :-) at least that bunch is friendly!

        2. It's not a question of being spoiled. Ganges has always been a very on-and-off place. When it's been good, it's been very good, but we stopped going there some time ago because it was just not cutting it. Down the street in the other side, Star of India is much more consistent, and a lot cozier too.

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            Taj Mahal on Sherbrooke used to be my go to place when I had a hankering for Indian and didn't feel like going too far. Unfortunately the owners I knew sold the place and it's now run by others. The food is definitely not same quality, the service not as friendly and well, it's just lost it's oomph. No more taj for me.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              Well, they changed the name from Taj Mahal to Raj Mahal many years ago, then something else, then Star of India, but I'm not sure when the present owners hopped on board. But I have to say, whenever we go, they are wonderfully friendly and jovial. I think it's still easily the best game in this part of town by far, though I have yet to try that place on Monkland near Beaconsfield.

              1. re: bomobob

                we ordered maybe a month ago - so that's my reference point. I loved all the old guard - all I had to do was mention onion bhaji - with the white sauce please, and they knew who I was when ordering, and pretty much remembered the rest of the order. Those guys were great - now, well, the food just wasn't the same- so I am in no rush to order again or even go in person.

                1. re: maisonbistro

                  Well, it's true that the original Taj Mahal owners were pretty incredible people. I used to spend so many summer evenings sitting out from with a Double Diamond.

                  1. re: bomobob

                    So is there a good, reliable, decently priced and very good Indian restaurant in Montreal? I am starting to think that the quality is dwindling`at all those I knew a few years ago... Gangees, Taj Mahal, Etoile de l'Inde...
                    I went to The Tandoor on the South Shore a few days ago... STAY AWAY ! At first, I was quite excited because the place was completely full when we walked in (on a Tuesday night). The service was a bit slow, but that would have been ok if the food would have been good. The food was far from good: barely warm (they put the serving plates over these little metal bowls with only a small candle inside) and the spices were just inexistent. If the onion bhaji and butter chicken were passably good (but nothing to write home about), the eggplant `sag` (or something like that) was undercooked and very oily, and the beef madras had fatty pieces of beef in a sauce that lacked spicyness completely. I will definetely not go back there and do not recommend the place.

          2. their is a good indian resaurant in st.annes on the west island, i don't particularely like indian food but this place was good. The service is quick and i think the prices are pretty reasonable

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              What's the name of the restaurant? (This thread is about Ganges in NDG.)