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Dec 29, 2008 07:27 PM

Best Dim Sum - Edmonton South Side

Hey Foodies, I need a little help. I am looking for a good Dim Sum place that is on the South side of the city or surrounding southside area. I love a few places downtown but its awfully far to travel from Beaumont.

Any tips out there??

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  1. You are going to get the following two replies:
    Golden Rice Bowl
    5365 Gateway Boulevard

    10316 76 Ave

    I went to GRB a couple years ago for dim sum. It was so-so. Lots of people like it, and if you aren't fussy you probably will too. I ate dinner there recently - I liked it more than the dim sum.

    I have never been to Dynasty.

    There are other Chinese restaurants on the south side, but as far as I know these are the only two that serve dim sum.

    There was a thread about this a while ago that didn't get much discussion, but doesn't mention any other south side places.

    1. Buddy's on the southside at Heritage Village is apparently offering dim sum. I've never been though.

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        ok even though they have signs on the inside and now even in bright yellow.."dim sum and noodle house" Buddy's at heritage village on the SS edm DOES NOT sell dim sum. We went to try it out and they just said no dim sum. I asked why the sign and the waiter ran off. We stayed for noodles.. at least that was good.

        1. re: chewy_bakah

          IF Buddy's at Heritage sold dim sum it would be of the frozen kind. No trolleys and ordering a la carte, means frozen. Their congee and noodles are good.

          1. re: too_hungry

            Yeah I don't need that either. I know how to steam frozen food.

            The question is why would you put it as part of your resturant name when you have no intentions of serving dim sum

      2. We tried to go to Dynasty at the end of November and it was closed. That whole strip mall is under re-construction. We ended up ath GRB and were very pleased. Good selection. But it is crazy busy. If you are a group, someone should go very early to secure a table. But I was told they do not like to seat a table until everyone is there, so it pays to keep in touch with your placekeeper.

        I really liked the squid - both fried and stewed. The barbequed pork buns were very light. That day they did not have my favourite -- sausage on green pepper. But it was not really missed.

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        1. re: pengcast

          GRB is good.

          Further South on Calgary Trail there's the new Beijing Beijing under new ownership. Haven't been there for dim sum, but the parental units say it's good.

          Went there for dinner last night and was underwhelmed. The dessert was too sweet, the soup was like gravy (too much thickening agents), the cold cut dish had some over-dried cuts of beef..

          1. re: taiphun


            Someone else wrote about a "disasterous" meal at Beijing, Beijing earlier in the week. It was in relation to a holiday meal, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

            Had virtually nothing good to say about it which coincided with the one time I tried it back when it was a buffet under previous ownership.

            I see that post has since "vanished" or been removed.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              Went to Beijing over the past week with the parents. I love how you can always count on the Chinese restaurants to be open on Christmas and New Years Day.

              The food was not bad overall. I know many might think this is gross but my measure of a Dim Sum place is the quality of the chicken feet - I have to say Beijing's chicken feet were a little too skinny (not enough flesh on those toes!) and were not as tasty as the ones at GRB (or as those at the over-priced Noodle Noodle for that matter).

              Beijing was jam packed when we went. I think everyone wanted to try out the new place. If you go, I think you have to be careful of where you sit, they crammed so many tables in the space that it looked like there were some tables which the carts couldn't even get to. I have a feeling that they are still ironing out many of the kinks that go with a recent re-opening.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We went to GRB and really enjoyed it...the trolleys were full and luckily we were seated close to where they come out so we were able to get everything we wanted. The staff was great and the 1 year old LOVED the sticky rice :-)

          2. GRB is the only place in south Edm for dim sum. Its not spectacular, but will satisfy dim sum craving. Avoid going Sat and Sun during peak (11 - 1pm), waits are long and service is mediocre especially when they just want to get people in and out to turnover more tables.

            Dynasty south was never good, its closed and has moved downtown - Dynasty Century Palace (formerly Century Palace, Marco Polo) in Pacific Rim mall. Haven't been for dim sum yet, but will most likely be average to below-average and nothing to rave about. I say that for ALL the Edm dim sum places. Went for dinner during Christmas and it was terrible. Service was slow and food was cold. Luckily we weren't paying, otherwise I would have complained more.

            eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife - re your comment about MSG...ALL the chinese restaurants use it to some degree. So be prepared where ever you go for the MSG after dinner effects.

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            1. re: too_hungry

              I just did dim sum in Cupertino, CA.. after the experience there it'll be hard to convince me to do dim sum back home in Edmonton, even though my in-laws run GRB!

              might have to move to California to save myself now!

              1. re: taiphun

                your in laws run GRB? you must free dim sum and a table anytime :)

                dim sum in edm is dismal compared to other cities.. ie van NY