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Dec 29, 2008 07:10 PM

Best 'bad' meal before New Year's?

As 2009 approaches, many people, including myself, will be cutting out the ‘bad’ things they have been eating the past few months and focus on eating healthy once again. You know, ‘bad’ things, anything that tastes great, unhealthy for you, and usually causes some guilt right after consumption.

I'm planning a bad meal just before New Year’s which will probably consist of a cheeseburger with the works, poutine, and a Coke, followed by some kind of wicked dessert. If calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc. weren't an issue, what would your best 'bad' meal be?

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  1. Harry, I think I’d go for a three meal splurge (and maybe I will, hehe) -

    Breakfast – large stack of blueberry pancakes, with a side of potatoes fried with bacon and onions and a few good sized sausage biscuits...

    Lunch – Reuben loaded with sauerkraut and a deep side dish of mac and cheese, and a couple pickles...

    Dinner – Corn beef and cabbage, mashed potatoes using the potatoes cooked in the CB+C water mashed with garlic, butter and ground pepper...

    Dessert – just before midnight – a slice each of chocolate chess pie and Black Forest cheesecake and a few salty pretzels to complement their sweetness...

    That’s just one scenario...I can think of a weeks worth!

    1. Breakfast: Three over easy, biscuits and gravy, cottage fries AND grits, bacon AND kielbasa, two or three Bloody Bulls.

      Lunch: Patty melt on grilled sourdough, macaroni salad, steak fries with aioli on the side, iceberg wedge with Thousand Islands.

      Dinner: Two ribs from standing (Prime!) rib roast, stuffed baked potato, Yorkshire pudding with brown gravy, mixed green and wax beans cooked with onion and bacon, strawberry shortcake w/clotted cream. Full suite of proper wines, of course, and Armagnac for dessert.

      Bedtime snack? Pepcid AC, I'm afraid!

      1. Ooo this is dangerous...

        Breakfast: Biscuits with sausage gravy with a side of slightly runny scrambled eggs and two glasses of chocolate milk

        Lunch: A big juicy cheeseburger with french fries covered in salt and dipped in some homemade mayo and a loganberry or two.

        Dinner: What am I currently eating for New Years: Crab legs, crab cakes, chicken wings, chips and dip, spinach artichoke dip, nachos, and alcohol of some sort. Yummyyy

        Dessert: Homemade cookies, fudge and some ice cream...

        1. I've already eaten the best "bad" meal. It was NYE 2007 and someone brought grocery store taco dip which I had never tried in the previous 24 years I spent shopping at that market. And it was absolutely amazing, a cornucopia of all the foods I can't/don't eat: cheese, sour cream, guacamole with more sour cream, tortilla chips. So while I played "Never-Have-I-Ever" with gin, I also single-handedly devoured a party platter that was meant for about 10 people.

          I only made it 30 minutes past midnight.

          1. Breakfast ~~ Chocolate long john doughnut filled with whipped cream, cinnamon toast w/cream cheese & blackberry jam and a venti non fat no foam latte

            Lunch ~~ Patty Melt on grilled rye w/grilled onions, cole slaw, man n cheese, guacamole and chips and chocolate pudding,

            Dinner ~~ lumberjack size porterhouse steak, shrimp cocktail, garlic sour cream mashed potatoes, fresh Italian bread and butter and iced chocolate milk

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              I was really, really bad yesterday. It wasn't just one meal but boy, did I feel guilty! I went to work with Les and we ate on the road.

              Breakfast - Wendy's Steak and egg sandwich which has bacon and cheese on it as well and a side of hash browns.

              Lunch - Rally's Big Buford

              Snack - 1 pint of Quality Dairy Eggnog from Lansing, MI....a grand total of 44 grams of fat!

              Dinner - made at home but not very nutritious, fish sticks and french fries baked in the oven and garden pea salad.