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Dec 29, 2008 06:57 PM

Grandaisy vs Sullivan Street Bakery

I haven't been to either, but I'm visiting NY in a few days and would like to try both if possible, but if not, I would like to try the more consistent of the two. What are the biggest differences between the two, and which do you prefer? Thanks.

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  1. Sullivan St for bread for sure. Actually, Zabar's sells the two types I get the most often and are fresher and cheaper(yes, it is very strange). You probably have to go by 11am on a weekend to get the stirato. Bread is the thing, there are others who do better in other areas in Manhattan. Oh, and Grandaisy is pretty close to Zabar's, too. I don't post easily obtainable info(like 2s on goog).

    1. Sullivan St. has an EXCELLENT apple turnover that is out of this world. I still salivate thinking about it and I got it right before Thanksgiving!

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        grandaisy bakery (GDB) is a spinoff of sullivan street bakery (SSB). a couple, who owned sullivan st bakery, recently dissolved their personal relationship and split into two separate operations. she renamed SSB to grandaisy at the original SSB location (sullivan st) and also opened an outlet on the UWS. He has SSB on W47th off of 10th avenue. SSB clearly has the best bread in the city by far and i can't really tell a difference between SSB and GDB even though i've been many times. i think the bread on W47 may be a bit more porous, which is plus in my opinion, and their roman style pizza has a bit more oil (another plus) than grandaisy . GDB also added quite a number of awesome sweets to their menu which can be seen on their website:

        either place is a must for any NYC trip. i am a huge bread lover who raves about their bread. enjoy and please report back.