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Dec 29, 2008 06:49 PM

Child Friendly Vietnamese in MSP?

What would be the best vietnamese to bring children to in the MSP area?

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  1. quang on nicollett. great vietnamese foods in a very family style environment.

    1. I can't think of many that don't come off as kid friendly. I've certainly seen kids at Pho79, Quang and Jasmine...I imagine it is the same at most...except perhaps Ngon...

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      1. re: Foureyes137

        We have taken our children to Ngon and have seen others there too.

        1. re: chelle

          Same here. She had a great experience. (Loved the seafood soup and the barbecued pork.)

      2. Hoa Bien has also been very accommodating to our daughter.

        1. How about Mai Village (University Ave St Paul)? The food is not as good or as chowhoundish as the places already mentioned. But it's extremely kid-friendly. They've got an indoor fish pond! We took a big family group there this week for exactly this reason. All the kids aged 3-8 couldn't get enough of making trips to watch the koi. It's also a huge space, which makes for room if kids need to walk around a bit.

          As I said, the food is only OK. But we did have a whole fried red snapper that we liked. And they do serve some of the standard Vietnamese dishes, so it could be a decent introduction to the cuisine.

          1. There will be children (and a child-friendly atmosphere) at any of the authentic Vietnamese places around town, IMO. We go to Hoa Bien all the time, and there are usually kids there. Same with all of the others mentioned.