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Dec 29, 2008 06:47 PM

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

So I had a rust stain in my sink from a cast iron pot I left in the sink overnight, it's been there for a year and I could not get it out! My mother was over last week and told me to try a Magic Eraser and it took it right out, I couldn't believe it. Any other great kitchen type uses for these things? I have some gunk on my glass stove top but am hesitant to use the eraser on it.

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  1. Walls. Fingerprints on drawers and the fridge. Your backsplash, it leaves both stainless steel and tile smooth and shiny. Wallpaper, but go gentle.

    Gunk on glass, I'd just clean with Windex and a paper towel. I really like them for the bathroom.

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      "Gunk on glass, "...

      Thank u. My son sprayed shower cleaner on my glass front door and back door. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it off, to no avail. There is a film on the glass that remains after soap, water, squidgey, etc. I'm gonna try the magic eraser tomorrow. Wish me luck!

      Does anyone know what the magic is in these little gems? They feel so soft but they must be abrasive.

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        They are abrasive. I use them to clean scrapes and smudges from my walls (flat paint) and they are pretty amazing. But you do need to be gently. But it's like using extremely fine sandpaper - you are removing material. I will have o try it on my sink. Maybe even on my already-scratched stainless cooktop. Might buff out some of the scratches.

    2. Works great on the slightly textured white exterior of my fridge. I really like it on textured surfaces like that.

      1. I have three kids under 7. I LOVE Magic Erasers! They are great for sink issues, work wonders on walls (saved me from repainting my walls more than once). I've also used them to get laytex paint off the hardwood.

        For the stove top though I'd use Cerama Bryte and the back of a plastic spatula.

        1. I have actually used them on my glass top stop and it worked well. Scotch Brite has a new glass stove top cleaner that is very similar to the Magic Eraser.

          1. I like them, but they are abrasive, so one should be judicious and test first. On a glass top, I do not think you will have a problem.

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              Just tried a little spot on the stove top and it took it right off with no scratches. Before the Magic Eraser I let the stove top cleaner sit on the stain for 10 minutes before rubbing and the stain didn't budge!

              Also just used it to clean out my laundry tub.