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Dec 29, 2008 06:46 PM

Cheap, but Hound-worthy, options in Vegas?

We're going to be in Las Vegas for a night, and we're looking to eat on the cheap - but ideally, we would find something that harks back to Old Vegas (e.g., chicken-fried steak at 1am). Is there any Hound-worthy inexpensive comfort food that people recommend? We're actually staying downtown (Fremont St), on purpose...

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  1. Can there really be nothing that fits the bill?

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      Don't know about the food per se but Peppermill is said to have the old LV atmosphere. I've been trying to get there but have failed so far. Binion's Steakhouse, which is right there where you are staying, is also reputed to have "old LV" qualities, but again I can only pass on impressions from reading, not personal experience.

    2. you didn't state when you will be there so i hope i'm not too late. i have to agree with johnb about the peppermill. been there an i have to say it's like walking back in time. atmosphere is far-out to say the least. food is excellent and reasonable. across the street from stratosphere and down a little. fairly close to downtown. i HIGHLY recommend traveling a little farther to the ORLEANS. PRIME RIB LOFT is THE place for great prime rib (CAJUN) style. $15-16 a real bargain and fantastic service overlooking the casino. we do it everytime we're in town. let us know where you end up.

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        Just as a point of clarification, the Peppermill is not across the street from the Straosphere -- it is quite a bit South of there -- just south of the Riviera Hotel, on the same side of the street.

      2. The two old Vegas things I can think of off the top of my head are the Peppermill, easily my favorite coffee shop anywhere, and the restaurant at the Ellis Island casino behind Bally's east of the Strip. The food at EI is nothing to write home about, but steak with all the trimmings (including a house-brewed beer) for 8 bucks is as old-school Vegas as it gets.

        The Peppermill is a lot of fun. The place was built in the 70s, had an overhaul in the 80s, and looks it on both parts. The tables are all U-shaped booths, the ceiling is smoked mirror tile, there's magenta and turquoise neon everywhere, and the bar is anchored by a flaming fountain. The coffee there is done right- rich and thick enough that the spoon almost stands up. Split the "Fresh Fruit" with a friend for breakfast (or get it as a side dish for at least four); it comes with banana bread with marshmallow dipping sauce, cottage cheese or rainbow sherbet, and a pile of fruit that looks like someone took Carmen Miranda's hat and put it on your table. There's two different fruit plates- you want the Fresh Fruit, not the Western Fruit Plate. Other things on the menu that I've tried have been a cut above what most coffee houses serve. Solid burgers, great fried appetizers, big messy sundaes, the list goes on. Don't go in expecting out-of-this-world. It's a coffee shop, ferchrissakes. Peppermill is simply a coffee shop the way a coffee shop should be.

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                It's especially fun to go to the Peppermill at off-times. It's very laid-back and you can linger. Even if you only go to the coffee shop, make sure you visit the cocktail lounge for a look.

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                  It's worth noting that the Ellis Island restaurant is 24/7 as well. However, given the choice, I'll go for Peppermill pretty much every time. It's the first stop I make when I go up there.

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                They say Peppermill is a popular spot with the show girls after the shows, so late may have added interest.

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                  Hey, it's the OP. Peppermill was DEFINITELY what we were looking for. I had an enormous chicken-fried steak and several cups of coffee at around midnight. And the decor is unbelievable. I think the wife was non-plussed, but hey, it was an experience.

              3. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                I definitely like the Peppermill rec. That place is a not-miss for those seeking a unique experience.

                Don't forget about The Golden Steer either. Italian Steakhouse. That's about as Old Vegas as it gets. I wouldn't call it cheap though. But if you do well on the tables and feel like splurging, I would highly recommend it. Take a look at the website ...


                Golden Steer
                308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

              4. The coffee shop, snack bar and deli all located at Binions. The deli is back by the poker room. The deli has very good half pound deli sandwiches with Boars Head cold cuts that are $6.95. They also serve a very good Reuben. The coffee shop opens at 7:00 am and has some very good breakfast, lunch and dinner specials ($3.99 steak and eggs, $5.99 spaghetti and meatballs). Binions is very old Vegas.