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Dec 29, 2008 05:59 PM

sunday brunch for 20-25, private room?

I'm planning a birthday brunch for 20-25 people. We've already reserved the private room at Henrietta's Table, but the menu is buffet and we would much prefer a pre-fixe/customized event. Any thoughts on where we could go in Boston/Cambridge? This is a sunday brunch event.


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  1. I think it would be safe to say that most of us on Chowhound are not experts in large groups. Never the less, we do often get these questions from folks who are new to the community and are looking for information for a one time event.

    Open table has a page devoted to this subject. You can even use the menu to close in on the smaller geographic area you like.

    1. what price point are you looking at per person? when you say pre-fixe/customized, do you really mean a la carte, rather than buffet, or do you want to limit your guests to a smaller menu? what is the date?

      bostonzest: plenty of us on here work in the industry and can make suggestions for large groups.

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        Of course, Thank you. I always forget we come from all sides of the table.

        I just discovered that Open Table Page when a friend asked me a similar question but didn't like any of my suggestions.

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          the pp is quite high-- $60-$75, so it leaves many options for the party with regards to price. as for menu, we just don't want a buffet; open to all other permutations.

          and i appreciate your help-- we're quite familiar with the boston food scene and would never rely on open table for planning such an event---it requires a little more attention than a few clicks of a mouse, and many reliable/interesting restaurants are not on their site.

        2. Skipjack's in Back Bay has a very good brunch, IMO. They have an alcove that is really like a fairly large room that just does not have a door, and therefore you would hear (and see, a bit) the main dining room. So perhaps that won't work for you. But we reserved the "alcove" for a brunch after my wedding and it worked out great. I think we had about 28 people. Oh, and it's a jazz brunch so perhaps in your case that would not work. The jazz is mainstream, and very very good.