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Dec 29, 2008 05:20 PM

Skyline Chili Fix via the Web

Gone from the LA board and now happily ensconsed on the General Topics board and linked on the local LA discussion of Cincinnati chili.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link. I will be curious to follow this thread and gain some insight.

    As a transplant from L.A. to Cincinnati, it's amazing to me that anyone would want/need to mail order Skyline to them! No one in our family will eat it. But I know we're in the minority around here! (-:

    1. Yes, this is an acquired taste. Family sends us the mix or the cans when we run out. We also make it from scratch from the Frugal Gourmet cookbook. We love it and eat it as much as we can when back in KY. It is a Greek chili, highly spiced and made with high quality meat. This is a very special meal to those of us who live away from Ky and Ohio.

      1. I'm in FL and we have a Skyline Chili 30 minutes from my house. People seem to loathe it completely or totally love and crave it. I happen to love it: the total package of mild spices, cheddar cheese, al dente spaghetti, hot sauce, and the crackers. I've stopped eating beef but now I make it at home using lentils instead of meat. Sounds crazy but it's delicious and almost like the real thing.

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          EmmaToo, I googled 'skyline chili' and it says they have 5 stores in Florida. I'm surprised at that, but I bet the owners have a vacation home in Fla. and like to have a business reason to go down.

          That's an interesting recipe on recipezaar for lentil Cincinnati Chili. I'll have to try it, since we too are cutting back on the beef. I wonder if you can use the slow-cooker for it. Thanks.

          1. re: dumas

            Hi Dumas! You're probably right. My sister and brother-in-law would love to open a franchise but you obviously gotta have a lot of coin.

            I just made the Cincinnati Lentils last night - it's really good stuff. Of course I pile on the cheddar cheese and hot sauce. That just makes the whole dish so comforting for me. I'm sure you could use the slow cooker for the recipe. Basically you're just dumping everything into a pot anyway. I like to saute my veggies first but that's optional since it simmers for a while.

        2. Ah, Skyline. My lovely wife is from southwestern Ohio, and we moved to Cinci for a few years right after getting married. The first time she fed me the stuff I was sure it was a prank. But then a week or so later I had this craving for a three way, and a habit was born. Now every time we visit the in-laws I go to Kroger and pack a styrofoam cooler with frozen chili.

          FWIW, my upbringing may have rendered me unusually susceptible. I spent formative years in Tulsa, OK, where the Coney I-Lander chain served mini hot dogs with Greek chili. I don't recall spaghetti, but those little Coneys with shredded yellow cheese and Louisiana hot sauce - oh, yeah...

          So what's the Cincinnati - Tulsa Greek chili nexus, anyway?

          1. For you Skyline fans, here's a question; I don't have a restaurant around here but they sell it at Kroger's. Which is better, canned or frozen?