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Dec 29, 2008 05:00 PM

Costco Smoked Salmon?

Anyone bought the packaged smoked salmon from Costco? I was going to do a New Years Day buffet and serve it with pumpernickel and a caper/red onion spread. I noticed they had two varieties -- one was Atlantic and I can't remember what the other one was. Each was pre-sliced.
Anyone know if it is any good?

BTW, if you don't recommend buying it there -- any suggestions for buying smoked salmon in the city?

Thanks and Happy New Years Hounds.

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  1. They were sampling it a while ago and it was very good - but I don't remember which it was if there are 2 varieties :(

    1. Last time I checked in Philly PA Costco, there was only the one variety of the Costco branded salmon. As one who has grown up with smoked salmon and has enjoyed it my whole life (I'm 53) I can tell you that IMHO the Costco variety is perhaps one of the very best pre-packaged, machine sliced smoked salmon that I have ever had! It is my understanding that it is caught & processed in Norway, and it has the nice oily texture of Norwegan smoked salmon. Which leads me to the thing that I like best about it.. you can actually taste the smoked part! In your case, with pumpernickel, onions & capers, I think this is the choice that works best.
      If, in fact the other variety is an "Atlantic" salmon, some brands are much better than others. Lasco, Acme & Vita are good. You need to check the label to see if it is domestic or Chilean. Domestic tends to be more flavorful, but the Atlantic salmon is more subdued than the Norwegan variety.
      Now.. though the pre-sliced is great, it is not as good as hand sliced deli smoked salmon. The problem here is economics, as the hand sliced variety is about 3 times the price, not great for the, you be the judge!!!
      eat, enjoy & have a great new year!

      1. They have an Atlantic and Pacific Salmon. I believe the Pacific is wild. I usually buy the Pacific, since it comes in smaller packages, but I've had both and they're better than most crap you'll find outside of a real specialty place that will charge double the price.

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          Thanks to all replies. I was hoping to hear that it was good. The price is excellent. I will give it a try for the bowl games!

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            It's as good as I've ever had (and I've had a lot). Disappears quickly when the kids are home.

        2. I buy the wild Alaska smoked salmon's great.

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