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Road food

I will be travelling by car in mid- Jan from Vancouver BC to Eugene. I'm looking for recommendations for good restaurants/bakeries/coffee shops etc that aren't too far from the I5 or are easy to get to. I'm not a big food of chain food sludge which is usually the easiest to find at stops off the highway. It's a long drive so would like ideas about places to stop all along the way.

I am planning on stopping at the Daniel Smith art store in South Seattle on the way down and if there is anywhere near there for lunch or coffee that would make it easier for me instead of having to stop there and then backtrack somewhere else.

Other than that one stop at the Daniel Smith store I don't have any ideas about where I will be stopping. Probably Portland for dinner or somewhere near there...

Thanks for any and all help!

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  1. The co-op in Mt Vernon (just west of I-5) is a good place for baked goods or a quick but healthy and hearty lunch.

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        I second that recommendation...gosh I miss Novak's! (Why doesn't some nice Hungarian family open a restaurant in Seattle...)

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          I should add this:
          breakfast served too, + great baked goods

      2. Not sure if you're looking for Eugene info, but 5th Street Market for lunch is a good option, along with Belly or Lucky Noodle (across from 5th Street Market). Coffee - I would go to Wandering Goat.

        1. Pecos Pit BBQ is just a few blocks N of Dan Smith on 1st Ave. Yummo.

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            Good call to Pecos Pit. Also nearby, Pho Cyclo, Jones BBQ, and Stellar Pizza.

          2. Get a cream waffle at the Poodle Dog in Fife and anything, as long as you try their tortillas, at La Tarasca in Centralia.

            1. For Portland: Albina Press (coffee) is not too far off I5 (on the northern part of the city).

              Farther down the road from Albina Press (on Mississippi) are a variety of local eateries including Por Que No Tacqueria.

              http://www.eatoysterbar.com/ this would also be fairly accessible. It's new - I haven't been there yet - but it's on my list.

              1. Going through Portland you can get off I-5 to the 405 bridge and hit K&Z deli, best Pastrami west of Katz Deli. Not that difficult to get back on the 405 that connects to I-5. Well worth the detour.

                1. I second the Pecos Pit rec---it's near Daniel Smith, lunch only. Get the pork sandwich, "extra messy,"----it is divine.

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                    naw... Sliced Beef spiked with medium sauce on the side.

                  2. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. Unfortunately I'll have to file most of them away for future trips. Because of the I5 closures and flooding I've had to book a flight from Vancouver to Portland and then rent a car to drive to Eugene.

                    I can still eat well in Portland, Albany and Eugene!