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Best Sandwiches in Boston Area

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I haven't been everywhere, but my top three places are:

Best Overall: All-Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square. The sandwiches are fantastic, the side dishes are tasty and affordable, and the new ownership is friendly and ambitious.

Best Deal: Harvest Co-Op Deli Counter in Central Square. It depends to some extent on who waits on you, but I don't know of another place where you can get a quality, good-sized sandwich for $5 ($6 for meats).

Cheap and Best: New Saigon Sandwich in Chinatown. Tasty but airy sandwiches for $3. Add an exotic shake for another $2.50.

Am I missing out on anything better?

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      1. Seven Subs in Brookline.

        Seven Subs
        1364 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

        1. Brookline Spa and Real Deal have a great variety of sandwiches for a good price. Which used to be super cheap but went up recently.

          Not the best ever but Brookline Lunch in Central Sq. has good sandwiches for cheap including a sausage/egg/cheese WITH homefries for $4.25.

            1. My favorite places for sandwiches:

              Strip T's, Watertown
              Vinny's Superette, Somerville
              Chacarero, Boston
              Georgianna's, Braintree
              Bob's, Medford
              Common Ground Cafe, Dorchester

              My favorite individual sandwiches, however, are probably the Cubano at Chez Henri in Cambridge and the falafel wrap at Reef Cafe in Allston.