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34th street cafe - too salty...

mwreese Dec 29, 2008 03:18 PM

Finding ourselves in the UT area the other night (Texas French Bread was closed) we ended up at 34th street cafe. I hadn't been there in years. It was more upscale than I remembered (candlelight, white tablecloths). We were underdressed but they were empty and didn't seem to mind. I ordered a salad: arugula, walnuts, apple, blue cheese w/ a vinaigrette dressing. It was wonderful. The arugula was fresh and peppery. For dinner I had the mini lamb burgers w/ pesto and feta. The pesto had mint in it. Unfortunately, there was so much salt, I was gulping my water down. Sad, because the flavor could have been quite good. The hubby had hanger steak w/ fries. The fries were pretty close to perfect. The hanger steak came with a green peppercorn demi glace that was again, way too salty. On the upside, they proudly state that many of their offerings (veggies and fruit I would mostly suppose) are from Boggy Creek Farms. It seems that featuring local farms is de rigeur these days, at least for any restaurant worth it's salt. pun intended.

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    ridgeback Dec 30, 2008 08:48 AM

    Sorry to hear that. IMO that's not typical. My wife and I dine there frequently together and with other couples.

    At lunchtime 34th Street cafe is counter service but they put out the white tablecloths at night. Still, I've always found it a good value.

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