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Dec 29, 2008 03:06 PM

EOS Greek Cusine on Summer Street, well...

Anyone been lately and what is the deal with the food, cleanliness, is it fancy or a authentic Greek menu? What have you had, how many times have you been and would you go back again? Why?

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  1. Tried EOS for lunch today. We loved it! Authentic, I think! Had a salad that we shared to start. Then had sandwiches, gyro, lamb souvlacki and a grilled veggie wrap. Each came with delicious french fries. All were delicious! I would highly recommend it, although it was only our first time trying it. I look forward to going back!

    1. We were there for dinner last night. It's probably become our favorite white tablecloth restaurant in town. At this point I'd rather eat there than anywhere else, including the restaurant-who-must- not-be-named on Chowhound.

      The appetizers are really great; our family of four generally shares 4 or 5 apps, then two entrees. Favorite apps are the saganaki ("flaming cheese" to my giggling teenagers), melitzanosalata, dolmades, olives & feta, grilled octopodi. For entrees, the grilled whole fish is just wonderful, with sea salt, lemon, olive oil and oregano. They will fillet it for you. Swordfish is also excellent, and we had a roast baby goat a couple of times that will change whatever it is you think about goat.

      Dinner for my family of 4 is around $100, including two glasses of wine. Service can be a little squeaky. Last night they were clearly understaffed in the front, although once we ordered the food came out quickly. Reservations are almost required for peak hours, but there's a bar where you can wait.