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Dec 29, 2008 02:55 PM

Bistro Zinc, Lenox Ma

I'm coming to the Berkshires in February and am looking for great places to have a nice dinner. Bistro Zinc sounds good, but I've gotten really mixed reviews from the various websites I've looked. Can any locals help me get the "truth" about this place?

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  1. The "truth" is a difficult concept Jane.
    Most here post their experiences at a restaurant.
    Let me tell you that we've eaten at Zinc twice in the last two years.
    We found,on both occasions, that the service was poor and the food mediocre at best.
    After we tried the place the first time we read all kinds of mixed reports about the place so we gave the place "a second chance" figuruing that one experience at a place was not enough.
    We were wrong.
    I would avoid this place if I were you because there are so many other better places to enjoy a great meal in the area.
    Try Chez Nous in Lee,Rouge in West Stcokbridge,or use the "search" engine on this site to find places in Pittsfield and in the surrounding areas taht are worthy of your business and will provide you with an outstanding meal.
    My "truth" is based on my two experiences at Zinc;I'm sure others will post post postive and negative about the place.
    Locals,I have found,have the same positives and negatives about places also so your " truth" will be even harder to establish.
    Good luck and good eating!

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      In total agreement about Zinc: In my experience overrated and overpriced for so-so food and service. We love Chez Nous in Lee for a charming setting, very good food and lovely service. Xicohtencatl outside of Great Barrington is a favorite of mine for authentic Mexican (not Tex-Mex).

      1. re: catnip

        We're Berkshire County residents who unfortunately do not visit the real nice restaurants too often. However, when we do, we love Chez Nous and Jonathan's (Lenox). Brix in Pittsfield is also quite nice. Enjoy your visit and stay warm.

      2. I agree with the assessment of Zinc, you might want to try Brix or Trattoria Rustica, they are around the corner from one another in Pittsfield.

        1. If it's in February, try Mazzeo's in Pittsfield for amazing appetizers and Italian fare. They are closed for the month of January but you'll find dishes that will make you swear that you're in the North End.