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Dec 29, 2008 02:47 PM

Hot Breads in Montgomeryville

Was getting my roast beef special fix from Pumpernik's, boy was that parking lot crazy, and I peered in at a little place about two doors down from Pumpernik's called hot breads. The sign says Indian Fusion, and it looked interesting. I think they have been open over six months and replaced a subway there. Was just wondering if anyone had tried it. I want to. but I'd have to get past Pumpernik's and that is hard. :) I was enjoying my roast beef on rye so much that I forgot to take the toothpick out and almost gouged the inside of my mouth. He he.

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  1. I miss Pumpernik's roast beef specials, ugg! Being a vegetarian does have it's downside.

    1. I always get the Reuben at Pumps. Yum! Happy New Year. I haven't been to the bread store.

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        Happy New Year crazy and to all the awesome chowhounds from Penna and around the world! I got some chicken noodle soup to go with my special and once I actually escaped their parking lot and got home I was happy happy happy. Pumperniks is one restaurant that will probably survive the tuff times. They are renovating.

      2. I've been curious about that store also. I'm sure to get 2 things when I go to Pumpernik's - a hot pastrami and at least 2 plates of those delicious pickles and tomatoes, with a side of cole slaw of course!

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        1. re: bucksguy14

          My problem with the pickle bar is eating a little of everything and then being too full to eat my sandwich!

          1. re: crazyspice

            Me too! Not to mention the good soup and the chocolate egg cream I always get when eat there.

        2. We got food from Hot Breads about 4 months ago. We love good Indian food - but Hot Breads is basically fast food. As in, the McDonald's of Indian food. NEVER AGAIN.

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          1. re: tourmama

            Oh thanks for the heads up tourmama, with two Indian restaurants right near each other in North Wales there is no need to go there then. Which of the two near Assi do people recommend? The frozen items from Trader Joe's are not enough, I need a full meal of Indian food soon.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              I disagree about Hot Breads, and this is from someone who has tried all the Indian food in the area. Hot Breads is exactly that, fast "street food" (Chat) for the most part but I also think their chicken biranyi is pretty good (and for $10 is serves 2). My family also enjoys their wraps as well. It's good, cheap, and yes, fast.

              About Sultan and Greater India (the 2 that are nearby), SKIP BOTH OF THEM! We used to go to Sultan frequently but they have gone WAY downhill and Greater India has NEVER been good at all. We go to Cross Culture in Doylestown or Tiffin in Mt. Airy.

              1. re: Schpsychman

                Schpsychman - we've been avoiding Indian for some time after having a few bad experiences. After checking their website, Cross Culture sounds like a place that we may try. I know it's a BYO and I'm wondering if (a) you BYO when you go there and (b) what goes best with Indian food?

                1. re: Schpsychman

                  Thanks for the info. I'll have to google up Cross Culture. Is the Indian place in East Norriton or something near the k-mart any good?

                  1. re: Schpsychman

                    Schpsychman - interesting. I'll give it another try. I usually agree with your reviews! I don't know the places the OP mentions in North Wales, and I hate to re-open the 'where's the best Indian food' debate, but I do think Tiffin in Mt. Airy is well worth the drives from the Montgomeryville area. We've also seen a noticeable improvement at Palace of Asia in Ft. Washington (right off Rte. 309) - we had stopped going there for a while, but in the last month or two we've tried it a few times and liked it.

                  2. re: givemecarbs

                    Don't miss Bhatya's Kitchen (Indian take-out) in Wyndmoor. It's really quite good!

                    1. re: kiwijen

                      I'm not saying that Hot Breads is a great "restaurant" but if I'm in the mood for something quick and cheap I have found them to hit the spot. Like I said, skip Sultan and Greater India in North Wales, you'll be disappointed. Cross Culture is right across the street from Paganinni's in Doylestown (and rext next to Pg's Wine Bar). It is in a lovely old house with exposed stone walls and a lovely porch for dining in warm weather. Their prices are higher than typical (most entrees being in the $17-20 range, due to the nice setting I think)) but I think they're worth it. Currently I (and my kids) debate whether Cross Culture or Tiffin is the best we've been to (I lean to Tiffin). We have a NYE tradition of eating Indian and will be at Cross Culture tonight (look for the family with the loud and boisterous children.....).

                      I have never tried Palace of Asia because I've heard mixed reviews but I may have to give them a try! I also hear great things about Bhatya's Kitchen and pass it all the time as I drive into the city, I must give it a try (take out only, right?). The place in East Norriton is Aman's and yes, I think they are good and worth a trip.

                      As to what to drink with Indian food (or Thai for that matter)? I have my preferences but don't wanna come across as knowing that much. I usually enjoy either a good, crisp white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc from NZ or Gewurztraminer (the raciness of each standing up well to and cutting through the spice and richness of the food), sometimes I even go with a semi-dry or sweet Reisling or Chenin Blanc as well. Beer is really good choice as well and I enjoy lighter lagers. Taj Mahal is a really good Indian beer that goes very well (If you can find it). Personally I don't like red wine with spicy food, the tannins from the wine make the food hotter and things get mixed up tasting, but that's just my opinion.

                      1. re: Schpsychman

                        Ah so Schpsychman - your wine choices for Indian match mine for Chinese! I also like some ales with Chinese, so that may also work with the Indian cuisine. Have to give it try!

                        1. re: bucksguy14

                          Well bucksguy, I'll admit that those are my choices for Asian food in general. I think they pair well with Asian cuisine. As for beer, I think some of the Asian beers are quite good too (Tsingsao, Singha, Export 33, etc.).

                        2. re: Schpsychman

                          He he Schpsychman! Thanks for the idea. John and I went to Cross Culture tonite. Was having fun wondering if you were the group by the fireplace, by the window or way in the corner in the other room. Or maybe we had missed you. I brought a bottle of menage au trois white wine but since I was driving John got most of it. We really liked the food there, it was perfect on a windy chill NYE.

                          1. re: givemecarbs

                            Glad you liked it! We were there from about 7:00 till 8:30 and were sitting in the corner by the front door, as you come in (salt & pepper hair, goatee). There were only 4 of us as my middle daughter was at her boyfriend's house. You should have introduced yourself but I understand not wanting to risk a mistake by talking to the wrong people! Where were you sitting? There were two different couples sitting right next to us, were you one of them?

                            I agree that it is a cozy setting and perfect for such a blustery cold evening. Maybe next time we can introduce ourselves. Hope you have a great new year. My resolution? More wine in '09!

                            1. re: Schpsychman

                              I love your resolution! Best wishes for the new year to you and yours too Schpsychman! I think we were in a different room. We were in the second room fairly near the restroom corridor, but there was a two top behind us, closer to there. The second couple seated there was gettting a little annoyed by people knocking on the restroom door and finally told one of them that it was a corridor and there was no need to knock. Thanks so much for the tip, John wanted to go to some pizza place in Perkasie instead and I was kind of at a loss as to where to go. John has sworn all the time I've known him that he hates shrimp, but he kept asking for more of the shrimp in my biryani. He loved his lamb dish too, to the point that he confided in me that it was so good he just didn't want the meal to end.

                  3. Hi

                    Hot breads is not really a comparison to restaurants - its ok for a quick bite of kinda Indian fast food (although that definition is tricky).

                    It is ok from that perspective although some items are no great shakes

                    Palace of Asia is lousy - geared towards the "American" or non desis and used to be good bland food.

                    Now it is lousy.

                    you are better of cooking yourself compared to some of these places - it is not that hard