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Dec 29, 2008 02:41 PM

Rose Bowl/Ontario Help

My father and I are flying in New Year's eve for the game the next day. I am looking for help on three topics.

1. I get in New Years eve around 7pm via Ontario. My mother is a vegetarian who won't be on the trip so when ever my Dad sees me he is looking to get a healthy dose of Red Meat, Pork, Chicken etc. Both of us are fairly adventurous with my preference being for "Farm to Table" cuisine. We are looking for a casual place between Ontario and Pasadena that will cover us for New Years Eve.

2. If any of you have been to the game we will be looking for a Pub/Bar or Tailgate between the end of the Parade approx 10am and the game at 2pm. My father is a Penn State grad and I am an ASU Sun Devil so USC suggestions will not be welcome. ;)

3. Lastly we will be looking for a good lunch place on the way back to Ontario for our respective flights out late Friday afternoon.

I appreciate the help,

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  1. Between Pasadena and Ontario, I would choose Pasadena for places to eat.

    The best red meat restaurant in the parade area is the Arroyo Chop House. IMHO it's comparable to the better steakhouses in LA. I like their ribeye. Another choice would be Houston's. Both places would be good, if crowded options between parade and game.

    1. You and your father might like the Scyamore Inn in Rancho Cucuamonga. It's about 10 mins north of the airport, and is considered one of the best chop houses in the Inland Empire. My husband and I love's a la carte, so it's sytlized the same way as Morton's and Ruth's Chris...and they hand cut their steaks to order! It's in a historic mansion that used to be a hotel way back when. I believe they're having a New Year's Eve event that night, too. Reservations are suggested. Enjoy!

      Sycamore Inn
      8318 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1. Yikes...Good luck on NYE, and that goes double for the tailgaiting.

        That said, you could do a lot worse than Porter's, a steakhouse at the Doubletree hotel adjacent to the Ontario airport. They serve genuine, USDA prime meats. Since you're getting in at 7, you could easily be at the restaurant by 7:30.

        Someone else suggested Arroyo Chophouse in Pasadena. If you could even get in at this late juncture, realistically (are you renting a car) you couldn't make it there before 8.

        Are you going to the parade, or will you be staying in Pasadena? 'll just say this. Old Town Pasadena will be a complete madhouse post-parade and pre-game. I suspect that the few bars in town will all be packed, so your best bet would be to just wander along Colorado and squeeze in wherever seems appealing. Not sure if you are familiar with the layout of the area, but be advised that the stadium itself is pretty far removed from anything else geographically, and I would strongly urge you to take the shuttle bus that runs between Old Town and the stadium.