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Dec 29, 2008 02:33 PM

La Madonna? (Las Vegas)

This was described in the paper as one of the ten best new restaurants of the year...described as upscale Mexican. I'm a little suspect of the paper, and of the list....but I'm always up for new Mexican places. I guess its on Ft. Apache....a little south of the 215. Anyone tried it?

I may just stop by after work tomorrow.....the margaritas are fresh-squeezed. Our office is moving this week...and we'll be a lot closer to this place than previously. Not open for lunch aparently....

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  1. I haven't eaten there myself but my boss who is a complete foodie raves about it. I trust her judgement ..will definitely try it out

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      A quick post: DH and I had dinner there last Friday night. It is a small place (maybe 10 to 12 tables...) nicely decorated with a small bar. I would definitely make reservations if I went. We were early (before a show) and took advantage of happy hour: half price margaritas and apps. The margaritas are good...fresh lime juice. They have several specialty ones, but we stuck to the house 3 bucks for a large margarita with fresh lime juice how can you go wrong?

      There are definitely some tasty items on the menu. Its billed as "avant-garde" Mexican food, whatever that is...and there are unusual items. DH had the grilled chicken (its in a pomegranate sauce) was tasty and juicy. The best part was the sweet corn tamale it came can also order those ala carte. Yum! I had chicken enchiladas...they were tasty (green sauce) and what I would call DF not Tex Mex cheese glop all over. They are served strictly a la carte, as is most of the things could add up if you add rice and beans. And it was a very large serving: three overstuffed enchiladas. I would have preferred two. I had as a side the "street corn" which is kind of a variation on elotes: the corn is taken off the cob and then mixed with lime, chili, and mayonaise. Tasty, but a little too strong on the lime IMO.

      Actually, the best part of the evening (besides the margaritas) was the trio of salsas brought with chips...all were wonderful. And since there are several apps that look good I think I'll go back after work someday and have apps and margaritas.....

      Its waaayyyy off the beaten track (on S. Ft. Apache) but worth a trip...especially if you are anywhere near that part of town. Service was very friendly and accommodating.

    2. Is La Madonna still open? I tried calling their number for reservations Friday, however, the number (and website) are no longer in service...

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        I just checked and their website was not up. however their phone number worked and they are open. I will be in LV in February and this place sounds great.


        1. re: kasw

          looks like the cell phone bill was paid...I was getting a disconnect message earlier in the day. Thanks for checking Karen.

          If indeed open, friends and I will be there this Friday night. Everything I have read and heard thus far is ideal - can't wait! I'll post some comments on the experience early nest week.


          1. re: 711Charles

            Update since my last posting: I, along with family and friends, have been to La Madonna's several times since this initial posting. George and Irma are fantastic hosts with an outstanding menu! Kudos guys and keep up the good work. I also highly recommend reservations...

            1. re: 711Charles

              Completely agree; this is a really terrific small restaurant, with innovative and tasty Mexican food and a nice bar. It's definitely worth a drive, and is not far off the 215.

      2. I went there recently and it was nothing like these reviews describe!! The place at best is mediocre and way over priced. All my friends say the same thing and we live in the neighborhood. The owners don't have a clue what they are doing. The only thing that surprises is that they are still limping along.They shoot horses don't they. Roberto's is better than this place and won't disappoint. Yeah, really.

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        1. re: Julio

          LOL!! Hey, this isn't a take out place, the owners DO know what they are doing, and many of my friends make this place a regular stop. So not sure what you didn't like specifically, but the flavors on every plate I've had here delight and the menu always has great specials.

          1. re: mtngirlnv

            Unfortunately, I guess its all a moot point. Just received an email that they are closing their doors after this weekend. Official reason: "couldn't renegotiate the lease." I guess the recession got another one. Its really too bad....

            1. re: janetofreno

              Yes, I just got that too. I'm sure they will surface somewhere else. At least that's what I hope.

              1. re: mtngirlnv

                agreed. We only ate there once but it was definitely on our "go back to" list. The food was very very good and the drinks excellent.

                1. re: lvnvflyer

                  The following appeared in Norm Clarke's column today:

                  La Madonna, a Summerlin hot spot that became a favorite of Bette Midler, closed Saturday after 21/2 years. Owner George Harris said being at the epicenter of the foreclosure earthquake cost him half of his customer base. Plus he couldn't renegotiate a satisfactory lease. Harris is moving his avant-garde Mexican menu to the World Market Center and reopening under the name Mundo: A Culinary Hautespot. He's opening during the Sept. 14-17 furniture convention, when 50,000 buyers pour into town.

                  1. re: westie

                    Interesting......I just received an invitation to a private dinner event to be held at "La Madonna" at the World Market Center. So I guess they are doing a few private things before the official opening. (The event is scheduled for next week....the original La Madonna is near the business of the hosts...I wonder if they had it scheduled there and got the owner to agree to do it at the new location?)

                    I'll try and report back after the dinner......

                    1. re: janetofreno

                      very quick update: my hunch was right: the host had scheduled at La Madonna and then was offered the dinner at the World Market Center when the place closed. btw, La Madonna will be opening as Mundo on the ground floor of the Center..but the restaurant will also cater special events..and their "event room" is a beautiful one on the 16th floor with a killer view (but no audio-visual not great for meetings. I was glad I was seated near the speaker....he was good but I'm sure those in the back couldn't hear). Oh, and the restrooms are at least a block away....or at least so it seems :-)

                      first of all, the view is marvelous. and I enjoyed the chance to see the Market Center...had never been there. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the restaurant. Some of their "signature" dishes were on the menu (choice of entrees) last night, including the "street corn" and the tamales. I had a ribeye with ancho chili sauce. the ribeye was wonderfully tender and the sauce the chef still seems on his game. Street corn made a perfect side. The only misses of the evening were the appetizer of beef and chicken brochettes (tough meat and difficult to eat; not good at a nice dinner...) and the desert..which was "cheesecake lollipops." Cute, but not all that tasty.

                      I'll check out the restaurant when it opens; I think it will be worth a trip.....