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Dec 29, 2008 02:23 PM

Haggis in Dublin?

Anyone know if it's possible to get haggis (preferably good, since most of us have never tried it) anywhere in Dublin? Thanks...

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  1. I live in the U.S. but can't imagine the quintessential Scottish dish being served in Ireland. I only had it at a pub in Scotland and it was pretty nasty but will try it again when next in Scotland.

    1. Can't help with a direct rec. I'm afraid, but on the quality front try to go somewhere which serves Macsween haggis. They always do very well in tastings, and they are widely available:

      1. Are you kidding? No chance in a restaurant but possibly in a good deli or Marks and spencers!
        I had it homemade from a scotish friend once and it was delish! With neeps and tatties and the obligatory drizzle of whiskey!

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          I doubt that you'd get haggis in Ireland!!

        2. No its not an irish Dish. Maybe you could get in a butcher but why eat scottish food when in Dublin? We dont have any scottish food restaurants that I am aware of here. Go for Boxty its Irish!

          1. You can get Haggis in Marks and Spencer in Ireland, thats the only place i've seen it. They make their own brand. Its tastes good but all the different brands taste different and tend to have slightly different ingredients. I usually bring some back from Scotland with me when i am home - people are put off by the ingerdients but it tastes great and in truth the ingredients are not much different than your average pudding, hot dog or burger.