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Dec 29, 2008 01:52 PM

wholesale sashimi

Are there places in manhattan that sell slabs of sashimi-grade salmon? I'm looking to do my own slicing and dicing at home.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've gotten tuna from Lobster Place in the Chelsea Market before and made tuna tar tar out of it. I'm not sure it was technically "sushi-grade," but it was very good. I've also heard Wild Edibles and Fairway have very high-quality fish.

      Lobster Place:

      Wild Edibles:


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        I'm not such a big fan of the fish at Fairway - nothing wrong with it, but I tend to buy my fish at Citarella. I also make tuna tartare/salmon tartare with fish I've bought there.

      2. han ah reum has fish that's fresh / high grade enough to be eaten raw. i don't generally like salmon raw so i haven't tried han ah reum's, but tuna 'slabs' i've purchased there have been pretty good and the store definitely sells salmon.

        both locations of the sunrise mart also sell sashimi grade fish, though i frankly don't remember whether they sell salmon.

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          han ah reum has fish that's fresh / high grade enough to be eaten raw

          I am no expert on the subject, but I do know many in the restaurant industry and the general consuming public are very mistaken when it comes to the criteria for sushi grade fish. While I would definitely eat fish just caught off a line while fishing....I cannot say it is a smart practice.....I have eaten freshly caught shrimp and lobster shelled immediately, sliced and however, not so often....

          Read the attached and decide for yourself:

          1. re: fourunder

            ah, thanks so much for your concern, fourunder. i really do appreciate it. my parents send me these types of articles all the time (i think that same article at one point, actually. :)

            for whatever it's worth, i have asked the sales staff at han ah reum whether i could eat the fish raw and they said 'yes', though it is not labeled 'sushi grade'. the stuff at sunrise may not be, either, but both are fairly clearly intended for consumption as such, given the takeout sushi containeresque packaging and proximity to tobiko and other sushi / sashimi accoutrements.

            and for whatever else this is worth, i have eaten raw fish from both places on several occasions and lived to tell the tale.

            that said, i never eat salmon raw because i don't like the taste. many concerns about parasites are aired wrt salmon and fresh water fish.

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              and for whatever else this is worth, i have eaten raw fish from both places on several occasions and lived to tell the tale.

              believe me when I tell you I do not understand the fear many have about eating food, cooked, uncooked, how many days old and how long has it been siting out......I left my leftovers out in the car was 20 degrees out last you think it is still okay to eat.......all very amusing to me.

              Personally, I would not believe everything a food handler or even an owner would tell me about the quality and freshness of food experience tells me to trust my own instincts of sight and smell. I can't say specifically to the Han ah Reum store you shop at , but the ones here in Northern New Jersey vary in quality of all goods sold from fair to excellent. I find the Mitsuwa Marketplace of much better quality and standards.....with that said, if the fish has been prepared and filleted into the nicely shaped rectangles with the nice piece of fake green leaf included in the apprpriate foam packaging......I would assume the fish has met the standards to served as Sushi or Sashimi for the home chef.....especially if it also included the cheap wasabi packet inside.

              1. re: fourunder

                y'know, i do think you're right to take the cautious approach and to make sure the fish passes the commonsense smell / look test at the very least. it may not be a bad idea for the OP to buy salmon from only sources that are willing to stand behind their product and label it "sashimi grade". saltwater fish tend not to develop parasites because of the ocean's salinity.

        2. Sunrise Mart definitely sells sushi-sashimi salmon.
          Another excellent market for sashimi grade fish is Katagiri on 60th near 2nd Ave.

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          1. re: RedVelvet

            Those are the two places that I will go for raw fish for sashimi. Sunrise Mart is cheaper but with less variety. Katagiri tends to have more selection but the portion of each package is usually quite small (and more expensive). What kind of sashimi are you looking for?

            If you can go to Mitsuwa that will be ideal.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              Thanks for the responses everyone.
              My tastes are unimaginative and simple. All I want right now is a slab of salmon, so I think I'll go to Sunrise mart. I'll keep Mitsuwa and Katagiri in mind, though.

              1. re: maggi mee

                Salmon that will be eaten raw (unlike tuna) has to be frozen for a certain period of time before eating due to parasites. The link that forunder gave above has all the info. Not sure if Citarella (where I believe has the best fish in NYC), but I've asked Wild Edibles to freeze a slab of salmon for me before. They had the equipment to bring the temperature down to appropriate levels.

                1. re: maggi mee

                  Check the Outer Boroughs board too. Some of the Chinese markets in Flushing have "sashimi-grade" fish.